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Frequently Asked Questions: Student Orientation

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Q: What happens when the service-learning experience for a course happens "virtually" and there is no physical site that the students would be working with? For example, students creating a Facebook Site for the Audubon Society? How do we handle site visits? Orientations?

A:  Ask the virtual site or distance-learning site to fill out your Learning Site Self-Assessment form. Complete your rubric for assessing the risk; if necessary, place a phone call to the organization to discuss concerns, and if warranted, schedule a site visit.  See Developing a Risk Assessment Plan, pages 17-36)

Q: Are there models of online service-learning orientations for students?

A: Yes, many CSU campuses have developed student orientation videos designed to give students information about the ins and outs of service learning, campus policies and procedures and their role in taking responsible action for their service-learning experience. Many videos feature students reflecting on their service-learning experience: what they learned about themselves, about a social issue impacting their community, and how it enhanced their classroom learning. Below are links to campus websites with featured videos:


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Last Updated: October 15, 2012