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Frequently Asked Questions: Developing A Risk Assessment Plan

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Q: Why must we complete a risk assessment for new learning sites?

A: A risk assessment is one of the most critical steps an institution can take in protecting itself, its students, faculty and learning sites. But the fact is that site visits can be logistically challenging and the most time-consuming component of the risk management process. Therefore, the Resource Guide includes example forms and instruments based on more than a decade of experience by our 23 campuses in developing a risk assessment plan for managing risk in service learning.  

Q: When does a risk assessment need to be completed for existing sites?

A:  If an agreement or partnership already exists, then a conversation should occur with a contracts officer to determine how to proceed with the specifics of the service-learning placement, or if a new and different Service Learning Agreement should be entered into for a particular service-learning course. If there is a current open-ended agreement that is more than five years old, it should be reviewed and updated accordingly.

Q: How do we assess the risk if the service-learning placement is a “virtual” learning site?

A:  An assessment is important even if it is a virtual site. You should follow the same process in assessing risk as you would with any other learning site. Page 36 in the Resource Guide provides additional things to consider.

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