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Frequently Asked Questions: Service Learning Agreement

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Q: What is the maximum number of years a Service Learning Agreement (SLA) should be kept before it should be reviewed and updated?

A: Five years. However, the SLA must be reviewed and updated before the five-year term if there are any changes at the learning site or at the university that would impact a service-learning placement. (See Service Learning Placement Agreement, pages 37-40.)

Q:  Can the service-learning agreement template be amended? Can we use our learning site’s agreement?

A: If a learning site would like to amend the general provisions or any other part of the service-learning agreement, you must have conversation with your risk manager, contracts and procurement officer, and/or campus counsel to determine what changes are acceptable.

Q: Who is authorized to sign the Service Learning Agreement

A: Once the contracts officer has approved a “basic” Service-Learning Agreement, he or she can designate the risk manager or service-learning director as authorized signatory, as long as no amendments are necessary, and in compliance with any existing campus delegation of authority protocols.  

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