STEM Engaged Learning

STEM Engaged Learning

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A CSU Chico environmental science student teaches local K-12 students how to collect moths with a homemade device.

A Fresno State chemistry student shows kids squishy circuits and explains ions and electric charge.

The light bulb goes on! Two local middle schoolers participate in an after-school science program facilitated by CSU students.

Fresno State students build an erosion control system in an earth and environmental sciences course.

CSU Channel Islands students take a water flow reading in Calleguas Creek.

CSU Dominguez Hills students built a native plant garden as part of a geography class.

CSU San Marcos student explains DNA properties to an elementary school student.

The CSU is committed to supporting and strengthening science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education across its 23 campuses and contributing to the national effort to produce more college graduates with STEM degrees. Through a variety of "engaged" and high-impact practices, like service learning, community-based research, and internships, CSU campuses are providing hands-on and relevant approaches to learning about STEM that not only engage and energize students through real-world problem-solving, but also make a difference in communities.