STEM Engaged Learning

Edison International

Edison International provided a $25,000 grant in the 2011-12 academic year to integrate service learning into a variety of STEM courses. Areas of focus included: habitat restoration and protection of endangered and threatened plants and animals; environmental education, particularly for youth and families; and water quality and storm water management. This initiative, Energizing Career Opportunities through Local Education and Development (ECO LED), had great success in its pilot efforts.

In Spring 2012, four service-learning courses were offered that involved 76 CSU students in service and learning activities to "sustain a quality environment." In Fall 2012, two additional courses were offered that involved 60 CSU students in “energy efficiency and education” service and learning activities.

As reported by outside evaluation firm, Cobblestone Applied Research & Evaluation, there were positive effects on students' education, the environment, and community partnerships. Read the full Evaluation Final Report (.pdf).

Watch this video summarizing the ECO LED Initiative: