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Advancing Community Engagement With Student Leaders features four CSU campuses—Chico, Humboldt, Los Angeles, and Monterey Bay—that have been supporting student leadership programs in community engagement in exemplary ways for years.

Funded through the generous support of the Surdna Foundation, this “how-to” manual is based upon the experiences, models, and lessons learned of these four well-established programs. It provides a framework that can be easily adapted and modified by other institutions and organizations looking to develop similar programs.

It is organized into topical sections that describe the essential components of program development:

  • Developing clear motivations
  • Creating well-defined roles and responsibilities for students
  • Securing adequate program funding and incentives for student leaders
  • Recruiting and selecting the right students for the job
  • Designing appropriate training, ongoing support, and evaluation of students
  • Acknowledging and addressing “growing pains”
  • Planning an intentional alumni relations strategy

Each section of the manual begins with a general overview that both orients the reader to the section’s topic and provides general ideas for program design. The overview is followed by CSU Campus Snapshots that provide specific examples to illustrate how the four featured model programs address the issue being discussed. An appendix to the manual provides a variety of sample CSU campus documents referenced in the manual.  

A companion workbook takes anyone committed to starting a student leadership in community engagement program through a step-by-step planning process. It is best used with hands-on training and the support of a CSU consultant, but can also be used independently.  For more information, see tools and resources.

Surdna Foundation

The CSU Center for Community Engagement gratefully acknowledges the Surdna Foundation for its generous and visionary support of The Next Stage: Boosting Service Learning to New Heights, three-year grant initiative.