2010 Research Conference

Roles and Responsibilities

Before recruiting students to any community engagement program, it is important to have a clear sense of the role they will play and the responsibilities they will be given. Campus/organizational needs and culture, available resources, and student culture determine the roles and responsibilities given to students and have resulted in several different models throughout the CSU.

When designing your own student leader roles and responsibilities, there are four main areas where students can play a significant role in supporting community engagement (manual pages 30-57):

  • Developing co-curricular community engagement programs and even
  • Supporting academic service-learning courses
  • Strengthening campus-community partnerships
  • Serving in a governance positions
The (Student Leader) has helped our agency staff better understand service learning. They have also been a resource to professors,  which helps bring more students  to our organization; thereby, increasing awareness  of the work we do.

—Community Partner, CSU Monterey Bay

Serving in governance positions
At CSU Chico, CAVE’s Steering Committee is comprised of both the program’s professional staff and student program directors. Weekly meetings provide opportunities to solve problems in  the organization, plan for the  future, and determine policy.  CAVE student leaders also have standing appointments to the Associated Students Community Affairs Council and the CAVE Advisory Board, which brings  a variety of stakeholders together  to provide advice  and support for CAVE.

ACTIVITY (from pages 14-17 of the Workbook)

Create one potential position for a student leader in your program. Remember to think back to your ideas in the Asset Mapping Activity (.pdf). We recommend that job descriptions are created jointly by staff and student; however, it can be completed individually. Consider the following questions related to the job descriptions you just created:

  1. What needs to be put in place in order to support a student in this position?
  2. What are the logical next steps when you return home?
  3. What questions remain?

Surdna Foundation

The CSU Center for Community Engagement gratefully acknowledges the Surdna Foundation for its generous and visionary support of The Next Stage: Boosting Service Learning to New Heights, three-year grant initiative.