2010 Research Conference

Sample Documents

It would be nearly impossible to collect all of the documents available from the four campuses featured in the Advancing Community Engagement With Student Leadership How-to Manual, let alone keep them up-to-date. As a result, we have included brief descriptions of a small sample of some of the best materials that are provided in the appendix section of the Manual (pages 103-146):

  • Program Director Job description – CSU Chico
    The CAVE Program Director Job Description is an example of the detailed information provided to student leaders. This format not only shows students detailed expectations for their performance, it also introduces them to the more formal job descriptions they will see when their careers begin.  Rather than create specific descriptions for each of the programs, one overall document has been created, with a section that provides additional details specific to each program. (For example, the State Facilities Director collects money for weekend trips, while no other director has this duty.)

  • Service-Learning Intern Job Announcement – Humboldt State
    This is a detailed job announcement for the Service-Learning Intern position at Humboldt State.

  • (SL)2 Application Packet – CSU Monterey Bay
    This document provides an excellent example of the process used to hire student leaders and the detailed information provided to those who are interested in the (sl)2 program at CSU Monterey Bay.  It includes a bulleted list of qualifications, a checklist of application requirements, essay questions to be completed by the applicant, information on program requirements, reference checking documents, and more.

  • Service-Learning Interns & YES Program Consultants Training and Orientation – Humboldt State
    This training agenda highlights the types of topics and lengths of sessions during the first student leader training for the Humboldt State community engagement program. This training is focused on bringing together the highest level of student leaders in the program to prepare them for their positions and the roles they will play in training new student leaders in subsequent sessions.

  • Course Syllabus – CSU Monterey Bay
    This document is the formal syllabus for the course (sl)2 student leaders enroll in during the Summer of Service Learning program at CSU Monterey Bay.  It includes required readings, course assignments, and expectations, as well as deadlines related to the course.

Surdna Foundation

The CSU Center for Community Engagement gratefully acknowledges the Surdna Foundation for its generous and visionary support of The Next Stage: Boosting Service Learning to New Heights, three-year grant initiative.