STEM Engaged Learning
Available Positions

Below are the available CSU STEM VISTA positions for the 2018-2019 program year. A map with campus locations can be found here.

Campus and Host Site

Project Description

Humboldt State University
Center for Community Based Learning

The HSU Center for Community Based Learning’s CSU STEM VISTA offers the opportunity to gain valuable experience while working on a diverse and beautiful campus. Our VISTA will interact with students, faculty, staff and community partners throughout their term through curriculum development, program management, event planning, coordinating community-based partnerships and programs, and ensuring high-impact services for our students. Our initiatives in Career Development for STEM students and our focus on increasing equity in our community through critically-engaged Service Learning offer the chance to be involved in defining best practices, conducting research, and participating in scholarship. Our mission is to promote and support learning and reciprocal connections among students, faculty, and community partners through community-based learning practices that both inform and are informed by justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and we invite you to join us. Apply here!

Humboldt State University
College of Natural Resources

Renowned for its spectacular natural setting in a coastal redwood forest, Humboldt State University is embarking on new strategies to connect students to its remote location. The HSU CNRS STEM VISTA will support efforts towards institutional change in the College of Natural Resources, promoting equity and academic success in STEM through community building and improved resource visibility. The VISTA will build capacity to expand our novel place-based learning community design to serve more incoming freshmen in STEM, develop and enhance support systems for STEM transfer students, foster collaboration among STEM faculty and staff, and support new instructional approaches in the Math Department. We are seeking a highly motivated individual with excellent communication and organizational skills, the ability to take initiative and seek creative solutions to multi-dimensional problems, and the desire to grow personally and professionally. Throughout the appointment, the successful applicant will gain valuable experience in project management and become skilled at collaborating with all levels of campus personnel. Apply here!

CSU Stanislaus College of Science

Stanislaus State is looking for a motivated and passionate individual to serve as a CSU STEM VISTA Outreach Coordinator for Science in Our Community. This program educates and serves more than 3500 members from our community every year in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields. The Coordinator will recruit and prepare university students from the STEM Ambassador Program and other student organizations who will work with local K-12 underserved and underrepresented students. The VISTA volunteer will organize programs such as Science Day, Science Saturday, Junior Scientist, and Delhi Academy of Science. These programs are free and open to the general public and to local elementary and high schools. The VISTA volunteer will help the College of Science and the Office of Service Learning to maintain and create community partnerships and will collect data from the program participants. Additionally, the VISTA volunteer will lead and help our STEM Ambassadors facilitate these programs. Apply here!

San Jose State University
Jay Pinson STEM Education Program

The opportunity for positively impacting STEM education is unparalleled as the K-12 education community prepares for implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and grapples with new expectations to expose all students to SJSU Jay Pinson STEM Education Program (JPSEP) computer science (CS) education. Respond to this “call to action,” and join San Josť State University's JPSEP program to close the achievement and opportunity gaps and influence how CS will be taught by developing service learning programs in CS for undergraduate students, increase the number of Title 1 schools participating in CS-focused outreach programs; implement K-12 programs that address science and computing education, and support K-12 teachers as they prepare to teach STEM and CS and develop innovative and engaging curricula. Together, we can close the achievement gap and develop a local and diverse STEM workforce for Silicon Valley and beyond. Apply here!

CSU Monterey Bay Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

CSUMB seeks a person who is energetic and passionate about diversity, STEM education, and student success. The ideal candidate enjoys working with faculty and students, and has excellent writing and verbal communication skills. Our goal is to increase the participation of students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds in our diverse student success programs. The VISTA member will help us to identify and eliminate barriers to participation in internships, undergraduate research, and other student success programs, and will be instrumental in helping us enhance the coordination among campus programs to be more effective in our efforts. From doing class presentations and revamping our websites and social media, to assisting in the assessment of current programs and making suggestions to increase efficiency within existing programs, this VISTA project is ideal for someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment, is motived, and enjoys working on task that vary from day to day. Apply here!

CSU Monterey Bay
CalState S4

Do you believe people matter? Join a small, but dynamic team of technology and academic leaders committed to bridging the gap between the student experience, technology and local communities at the largest university system in the country. As the CalState S4 Outreach Specialist, you will serve at CSU Monterey Bay while working with CSU STEM VISTA members across the state to identify and improve tracking of various STEM activities, such as service-learning courses, STEM workshops, and undergraduate research experiences. Additionally, in collaboration with the S4 team you will help design a student leadership staffing model performing such tasks as researching leadership models, drafting position descriptions, hiring processes and training plans, and identifying possible funding streams. Through this experience, the right candidate will improve their knack for teaching and learning new technology, enhance project management and organizational skills and develop a student leadership model at a statewide level. Apply here!

Fresno State
College of Sciences Advising Resource Center

Do you have a passion for social justice? Would you like to be part of a project that is designed to help all students reach degree completion in a STEM major, regardless of race, class, gender, or immigration status? The First-Year Experience (FYE) program at Fresno State University’s College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) is working toward eliminating achievement gaps by providing first-time freshmen with the tools they need to be successful in college and their STEM fields. We are seeking compassionate, motivated, and highly astute individuals. The VISTA selected for the CSM will take on a leadership role in: implementing the Peer Mentor program; streamlining the block-scheduling of students; connecting with campus and community members to provide professional development opportunities for students; and other important areas that will contribute to the improvement of the FYE program. Apply here!

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Campus Health and Wellbeing

Cal Poly is seeking a dynamic and compassionate individual to join the Campus Health and Wellbeing team to support STEM student wellness. The VISTA member will coordinate the Basic Needs Initiative for Cal Poly STEM students, ensuring students have access to adequate resources such as food, housing, health and mental health resources. The VISTA member works collaboratively with students, staff, faculty and community members to identify equity gaps related to student basic needs, will develop and coordinate inclusive basic need services, and develop an early intervention program to connect STEM students to services and supports for their well-being. The VISTA member, will assist Campus Health and Wellbeing in its mission to cultivate student success through timely care and promotion of lasting wellness. Apply here!

CSU Bakersfield Office of the President

Do you have a passion for increasing food security, developing hands-on learning opportunities, and being a transformational change agent? We are looking for a CSUB Food Access Coordinator! The successful candidate will collaborate with students, administrators, faculty, and community organizations to expand our existing campus food pantry operations and student leadership; develop operations and procedures for the 1.75-acre edible garden which just broke ground, including the “Pop-Up Produce Pantry” as a farm-to-pantry integration of the pantry and garden; and coordinate the more than 400 identified volunteers who have pledged about 6,000 volunteer hours to build the garden. We’re “growing” student success by cultivating healthy minds as well as healthy bodies. Working with engaged and supportive faculty, the Food Access Coordinator will facilitate student experiential learning opportunities in the garden, including demonstration and hands-on cooking classes in the outdoor kitchen which will be constructed this summer. Plant! Grow! Cook! Eat! At CSUB. Apply here!

CSU Northridge
College of Engineering and Computer Science

CSUN is looking for a creative, driven recent graduate to serve as a STEM VISTA member in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. As part of the Educational Opportunity Program, the office of Student Services views the equity gap between underserved and better-served student populations through a critical lens. The goal of this project is to utilize a variety of data collection methods to develop and redesign two programs, the peer mentoring program and facilitated academic workshops, respectively. The VISTA will gain experience both in program development and consultation on an already developed program. This position calls for a strong interest in helping organizations adapt to the diversity of their student populations. The aim of the VISTA will be to design best practices for mentor assessment, recruitment, and training to better support thousands of engineering and technology students who will start programs at Cal State Northridge for years to come. Apply here!

CSU Los Angeles BOOST

The BOOST Service Learning Lead (SLL) should care deeply about providing excellent STEM education opportunities that combine engineering design with community engagement. You will enhance freshmen-to-sophomore engineering bridge program designed to inspire and motivate diverse students. The BOOST SLL is responsible for 1) converting an existing required Economics for Engineers course into a service learning course in which economic principles and analyses are applied to student engineering projects which serve their local community; 2) strategizing and implementing approaches to raise long-term support to sustain the BOOST program; and 3) create long-term strategies for maintaining and strengthening our community organization partnerships. Apply here!

Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Dream Resource Center

Use your creativity, organizational skills, and community building to create a more equitable Cal Poly Pomona. First generation immigrant students in STEM face barriers conducting research and participating in graduate school preparatory programs. As the STEM Success Partner, you will create solutions to these issues by creating one of the first research programs in the country for first generation immigrant students. You will also develop one of the few student mentoring programs in higher education for first generation immigrant students. You will also develop skills for assessing campus climate towards undocumented students. We are looking for someone who is passionate and willing to learn more about immigrant justice and who believes in, and can contribute their own lived experiences as a benefactor of, the power of research and mentorship. Ultimately, we want those who are self-driven and who are visionary in their approach to supporting students. Apply here!

CSU San Bernardino

Be part of the change. Join a team of creative minds transforming local communities. At California State University San Bernardino the Gaining Early Awareness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) program is breaking down cultural barriers creating equitable solutions for education. GEAR UP is seeking an approachable individual able to convey novel ideas to a diverse group of professionals (teachers, administrators, industry managers, and parents). The VISTA under the direct supervision of the GEAR UP director will coordinate the completion of 3 major projects. The VISTA will identify and work with teachers to implement STEM teaching methods that are culturally conscious, establish guidelines for advising AP STEM success, and develop a STEM club that explores careers and collaborates with local industries to generate a support network. Apply here!

CSU Long Beach Student Support Services STEM Program

Join a team dedicated to preparing STEM college students to meet the demands of the future! The Student Support Services STEM Program at CSU, Long Beach provides quality services to undergraduate STEM-majors from historically disadvantaged backgrounds in achieving their academic and personal goals. The VISTA member will develop and expand innovative resources needed to close the achievement gap among low-income and/or first-generation STEM-degree seeking students. The VISTA member will conduct a comprehensive student needs assessment to evaluate levels of engagement, sense of belongingness, and ways of supporting future career/grad school opportunities, explore the resources needed to develop a STEM peer mentorship program to be implemented in the upcoming academic year, coordinate professional networking and research opportunities, and create a mechanism to identify students enrolled in high DFW courses. Apply here!

CSU San Marcos Office of Undergraduate Studies

The CSU STEM VISTA at California State University San Marcos will serve at a dynamic and diverse Hispanic-serving institution in the North San Diego county region. You will work in a highly collaborative setting with a focus on reducing the barriers and closing the equity gap for underrepresented first and second year STEM majors who historically leave these majors at high rates. The VISTA will expand and strengthen the opportunities for students to increase their academic success in early gateway science courses by creating and implementing activities such as workshops to identify and clearly plan student’s academic and career goals, support course content readiness and mastery, and increasing advising opportunities with faculty. Additionally, the VISTA will engage in research to determine student identified resources and practices that increase their sense of belonging, perseverance, and success in STEM. Apply here!

San Diego State University
College of Science Student Success Center

The San Diego State University College of Sciences (CoS) Student Success Center provides peer advising, career and academic guidance, and other student success programming that supports SDSU science students. The CoS SSC is committed to empowering STEM students from all backgrounds by fostering an inclusive academic environment. The CoS STEM VISTA works closely with the CoS Director of Advising and collaboratively with faculty, staff, students, as a member of the SDSU leadership team. The VISTA member will develop, implement, and evaluate STEM curriculum (i.e. workshops, trainings, other programming) and will help train and supervise undergraduates selected to be Science Peer Advisers. Opportunities for professional growth experience are ample. The VISTA will gain experience in curriculum development, learning outcome assessment, training/mentoring of peer advisers, program facilitation, and more. Applicants with a strong commitment to equity and diversity; background in STEM, education, or student affairs, strong interpersonal skills, and self-direction will likely be successful. Apply here!

San Diego State University
Center for Regional Sustainability

SDSU’s Center for Regional Sustainability (CRS) is recruiting one VISTA member to develop and establish a new program that will provide students with co-curricular opportunities to participate in research and community engagement activities that will have a positive impact on the community. The VISTA member will conduct research to determine student needs, programming scope and content and will engage in program development. The VISTA member will establish program assessment and data collection instruments and procedures. The VISTA member will also provide support to CRS’ existing programs. Apply here!