STEM Engaged Learning
CSU STEM VISTA Member Benefits

Living Allowance
Receive a modest bi-weekly living allowance to coverbasic expenses.

Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE)
NCE is a unique hiring path whichmakes it easier for federal agenciesto hire you.

Relocation Allowance
If you move 50+ miles from your home to a new community, youreceive relocation travel assistanceand a settling-in allowance.

Professional Development Training
Attend in-person and virtualprofessional developmentopportunities throughout the year.

End of Service Award
Choose between a Segal EducationAward ($5,920) to pay for a range ofeducation expenses or a cash stipend($1,800).

Child Care
You may be eligible to receive up to $400/monthfor child care if you have childrenunder the age of 13.

Healthcare Benefit
Enroll in either reimbursementfor healthcare or a healthcare plan. Dental and vision are also included,as are telehealth services.

And many more benefits…
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Watch this video to learn more about the terms, conditions, and benefits of serving as a CSU STEM VISTA member.