STEM Engaged Learning

Do you believe STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) students have the untapped talent, drive and motivation to succeed and all we need to do is remove barriers and deliver supportive high-quality learning opportunities?

This question and how we respond is what grounds the mission and purpose of the CSU STEM VISTA program. As a systemwide program of the California State University (CSU), we recognize that systems and institutions in the United States, including the CSU, were not created with people of color, working class people, and women in mind. This is particularly important in STEM degree programs where significant gaps by race and class exist in enrollment, achievement, and graduation rates at all levels of education. While much has been done across the system to advance conversations and action on equity, diversity, and learning in STEM education, there is still much more to be done if our continued, collective efforts to eliminate inequities in higher education are to be successful (AAC&U Diversity & Democracy, Vol 19 No1, Winter 2016).

As the CSU works to eliminate the equity gap by 2025, we must work to shift from focusing on the deficits of students to recognizing and tapping into the talent, drive and motivation they have to succeed. The CSU STEM VISTA program advances the CSU’s commitment to inclusivity, equity and student success in STEM by removing these barriers and increasing opportunities for supportive high-quality learning opportunities.