CSU Council for Emergency Management and Homeland Security


  1. Development of Formal Governance Documentation

    The main important intended outcome is to complete all tasks identified under the goal by December 1, 2008, in preparation for the spring 2009 CEMHS meeting. Reference page 49 for a complete reading of goal #1.

  2. Utilization of Collective Experience and Guidance from Respective Agencies developing future EM-HS Education Programs

    This committee needs to assess competency and delivery of its programs. We should strive for a completion date of December 1, 2008. Although a grant funding from the Office of Homeland Security could change the December 1, 2008 date.

  3. The Creation of the Cal Campus Council

    Goal #3 addresses the creation of the Cal Campus Council. If we want to speak on behalf of the CSU—all 23 campuses should be on board and involved. There are currently 14 CSU campuses involved with this project. It is anticipated that within the next few months, there could be an additional four CSU campuses that will join the council.

  4. Extension of the Cal Campus Council

    The extension of the Cal Campus is a goal that the committee needs to be focused on. The main objective of goal #4 is to link the CSU system with UC system and Community College System, which will ultimately build a strategic and comprehensive plan.

  5. Link the California educational facilities with major relevant state agencies

    Under Ggoal #5, the main objective would be to create a long-term sustained connection with all partners; this would create a streamlined communication chain. Additionally, a preliminary list of education partners should be created.

  6. Organizational Communication and Continued Improvement

    An objective for goal #6 would be to publish quarterly newsletter in early December. The purpose will be a status report about where we currently are with our planning efforts and an update to any issues unresolved.

  7. How do we wish to frame our second summit?

    In an effort to frame our second summit meeting, CEMHS should address the connection between California community colleges and the CSU system. There should be a review of the governance recommendations and ratification to the organizational chart and master plan. This effort should be conducted by December 1, 2008. Additionally, work to create a collaborative market with others in California and outside of California.

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