Bathymetric changes in submarine Monterey Canyon. Image courtesy Rikk Kvitek.

Scanning Electron Microscope with additional x-ray analysis capability at IIRMES facility at CSU Long Beach. Photo courtesy of Andrew Mason.

hermissenda crassicornis

COAST Networks

COAST is developing a suite of Networks (formerly Technology Centers) to address critical national environmental issues and support COAST’s mission and goals. These Networks link people, data and equipment together to create an unparalleled, robust statewide resource that maximizes the use of coastal research and education capabilities throughout the 23-campus CSU system. The Networks provide the State with sound expertise and practical solutions to our most pressing environmental issues, while enhancing education within the CSU and training the next generation of college graduates with skills necessary to meet the coming challenges.

Six Networks are currently being established:

COAST is currently developing criteria to guide the establishment of these Networks and additional Networks in a manner that is consistent with COAST’s mission and CSU policy.