CSU Marine and Coastal Science News

MLML's Dr. Michael Graham Ventures Into Seaweed Business
Moss Landing Marine Lab's Dr. Michael Graham has ventured into the seaweed business by starting Monterey Bay Seaweeds. His company produces several culinary seaweed products served at over 20 restaurants in the Monterey Bay area and San Francisco. Dr. Graham is also Director of Research and Development at MLML's Center for Aquaculture.
Posted: June 23, 2016

Sonoma State Researcher Assesses Geologic Change Through Grains of Sand
Dr. Owen Anfinson, a Geology Professor at Sonoma State, drills microscopic holes into grains of sand and rocks collected around the world to determine when the Earth went through major geologic changes. Through this work, Anfinson can determine the location of techtonic plates through geologic time.
Posted: June 14, 2016

Dr. Chris Lowe of CSU Long Beach Uses High Tech Methods to Track Shark Movement
Dr. Chris Lowe of California State University, Long Beach and CSULB Shark Lab Director is tracking shark movements to find out why the population of young great white sharks is growing so close to crowded shores.
Posted: June 2, 2016

CSU Channel Islands Researcher Discusses the Effects of the Santa Barbara Oil Spill, One Year Later
Dr. Sean Anderson of CSU Channel Islands summarizes his findings to date since the Santa Barbara oil spill in May 2015. Dr. Anderson has conducted surveys of sand crabs, grunion and beachgoers.
Posted: May 26, 2016


In Other News

For World Oceans Day, NSF Highlights Importance of Deltas
In honor of World Oceans Day 2016, NSF discusses the importance of deltas to our ocean ecosystems. Deltas support much of the world's fisheries, forest products and agriculture, and are food baskets for many nations.
Posted: June 8, 2016

Think Beyond Plastic's 2016 Innovation Campaign Now Accepting Applications
The 2016 Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Competition is accepting applications through March 31 to develop solutions to the global plastic pollution problem through innovation in materials, manufacturing, product design or recycling.
Posted: March 30, 2016

Underwater Robots Can Be Programmed to Make Independent Decisions
New autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) can independently study the ocean and its inhabitants. Dr. Mark Moline, formerly of Cal Poly SLO, recently co-authored a paper in Robotics on enabling AUVs to synthesize sound data in real-time so that it can independently make decisions about what action to take next.
Posted: March 2, 2016

Feds Approve Offshore Aquaculture in Gulf of Mexico
NOAA announced that it will allow large-scale fish farming in federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico. According to NOAA, 90% of fish in the US is imported and half of this is farmed.
Posted: February 8, 2016