Cornerstones Members

CSU Trustees
Martha C. Fallgatter
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Consultant, Hill-Knowlton Public Relations

William D. Campbell
CEO/President, Value Line Financial Co.

Dr. Bernie Goldstein
Faculty Trustee
Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University

Dr. Joan Otomo-Corgel
Faculty member, UCLA School of Dentistry and West Los Angeles City College
Periodontist in private practice

Ralph R. Pesqueira
Owner and President, El Indio Shops, Inc.

Ted J. Saenger
Commissioner, California Postsecondary Education Commission
President and CEO, Pacific Bell, retired

CSU Campus Presidents
Dr. Robert Caret
San Jose State University

Dr. Donald R. Gerth
California State University, Sacramento

Dr. Norma Rees
California State University, Hayward

Dr. Stephen Weber
San Diego State University

Dr. John Welty
California State University, Fresno

Dr. Blenda Wilson
California State University, Northridge

Statewide Academic Senators
Dr. James Highsmith
California State University, Fresno

Dr. Marshelle Thobaben
Vice Chair
Humboldt State University

Dr. Gene Dinielli
California State University, Long Beach

Dr. Gary Hammerstrom
San Fransico State University

Dr. Harold Charnofsky
California State University, Dominguez Hills

Dr. Harold Goldwhite
California State University, Los Angeles

System Administration
Dr. Barry Munitz

Molly Corbett Broad
Executive Vice Chancellor

Dr. Charles W. Lindahl
Interim Senior Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Student Leaders
Frank Wada
Student Trustee
San Jose State University

Aristide Collins
Student Representative
California State University, Long Beach

Beth Wolf
Vice Chair, External Affairs
California State Student Association
Sonoma State University

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