Capital Planning Design and Construction

CSU Builders Risk Insurance Program

The Trustees have established a CSU Builders Risk Insurance Program to be used on the following types of contracts:

  • Design-Bid-Build
  • Design-Build
  • Construction Manager at Risk with Guaranteed Maximum Price

Note: the Trustees are not utilizing this program for minor capital outlay projects and job order contracts.

Contract Documents

CSU Builders Risk Insurance Program provisions have been incorporated into the Contract General Conditions found on the Contract General Conditions web site.


The use of the project enrollment form has been replaced with the BRIP online Construction Insurance database.

Campuses shall login to the database* and submit their projects for enrollment by:

  1. Clicking on “New Application” and filling out the information in the “Initial Enrollment” column;
  2. Uploading the notice to proceed, and;
  3. Clicking on “submit”.

The database will notify the Chancellor’s Office who will review and “enroll” the project, and then the database will notify Alliant of said enrollment.

Once the project is enrolled, campus is responsible for quarterly updates to the project, and these updates will be recorded under the column “Adjusted or Final”, and the database will once again send notices.

*For login information contact James Morgan by phone at (562) 951-4086 or by email at

Other Information