Capital Planning Design and Construction

Energy and Sustainability

The Energy and Sustainability unit provides systemwide support to Energy Managers and Plant Directors in the energy conservation and utilization, plant operations, deferred maintenance and other programs related to plant maintenance. The unit also provides systemwide energy utilization reporting, energy contract management and energy/plant project analysis.

Staff Directory

  • Aaron Klemm
    Chief, Energy and Sustainability
    (562) 951-4122
  • Michael Clemson
    Energy Program Manager
    (562) 951-4291
  • Sean Higbee
    Energy Procurement Manager
    (562) 951-8542
  • Vacant
    Sustainability Manager
  • Amy Liu
    Energy and Sustainability Program Analyst
    (562) 951-4017
  • Cecelia Fuentes
    Administrative Analyst
    (562) 951-4132

Campus Assignments