CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Building Code Plan Check Review

Building code review applies to all CSU construction and renovation work as well as maintenance operations

The CSU is required to construct and maintain its facilities in compliance with the California Building Standards Code (CBSC) as adopted by the Building Standards Commission (BSC).

Under current regulations, the CSU coordinates its building official authority with both the State Fire Marshal (SFM) and the Department of State Architect (DSA), we also follow code sections adopted by SFM and DSA. The BSC, SFM and DSA sections are identified in the Matrix Adoption Table on the first page of each CBSC chapter.

CDBO Approval
Building code approval for all CSU projects may be performed directly by the Campus Deputy Building Official (CDBO) or, on their behalf, by any of the authorized plan check firms under systemwide agreements as noted below.

Systemwide Plan Check & Access Compliance Review Agreements

It is important to understand that the plan check firms provide only an opinion and recommendation as to code compliance (or not).  The CDBO is responsible to make the official determination for code approval.

Documentation of Building Code Compliance (Plan Check Approval) is required for each project. This shall be evidenced on plan documents by stamp & signature of the Campus Deputy Building Official and by a Campus Approval to Proceed to Bid notice. The specifics of the stamp and form may vary by campus to address specific requirements. (SUAM Section XI)