Capital Planning Design and Construction

Labor Compliance

The Trustees do not administer projects through its labor compliance program The Trustees maintain the LCP, and have the resources listed below whom campus may contact with any questions related to labor compliance.

The Department of Industrial Relations administers labor compliance for all CSU public works projects on or after January 1, 2016. Please click on the link for the DIR below, under "Contact Information for Labor Compliance".

Following is a checklist which campuses may download, distribute and review with contractors at each project preconstruction meeting.

Contact Information for Labor Compliance:

Dept. of Industrial Relations (DIR)
Contact Information
E-mail DIR
Worker Hotline 866-924-9757
CSU, Chancellorís Office
James Hoffman 562-951-4135
Joseph Sangalang 562-951-4105
E-mail CSU Labor Compliance