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Divace Oy - California State University Virtual Language Lab Project


To enable language learning through same level 3 language laboratory functions of communication and utilization of digital learning materials to students using LAN and Internet connections as they have in a language classroom.

Project Phases

Phase 1.

Course and model planning, material preparation, software development

Fall 2000

Setting of the learning objectives for pilot course activities. The courses involved will have emphasis on self study.

The material to support reaching the learning objectives is defined, selected and produced. This means selecting, producing and/or preparing material for digital distance usage, categorizing and possibly enhancing with tool specific (Divace, Partner Tools, etc.) added value.

The learning materials are prepared according to different access levels in terms of network connections, from 56 kbit/s modem to DSL line and up to Tl connection.

The materials will be placed and organized using Teleste LibraryPilot database system.

Phase 2.

Distance learning with point-to-point communications with teacher-on-line

Pilot software to CSU by Jan 31st
Two trials, in February and in May

Teacher is equipped with functionality to

2 assign asynchronous activities to students for self access
2 assign synchronous activities ( media launch ) to students joining a virtual classroom session.
2 address groups of students with oral instructions ( all call/group call )
2 address individual students with two-way oral communications ( intercom )
2 set students to communicate in pairs
2 communications include video if possible

Students are equipped with functionality to
2   join and leave a virtual lab session
2   browse the course material on Virtual Lab database during and outside virtual lab sessions
2   download and receive learning material as files and streams of media from the Virtual Lab database; streams will be used if applicable third party media streaming solutions e.g. RealNetworks RealServer are available
2   make a teacher call to request communication with teacher
2   communicate with teacher ( intercom )
2   communicate with another student when addressed by the teacher ( pair discussion, 2 in a pair )
2   upload audio work files into Virtual Lab Server


Web server applications running on top of a LibraryPilot database for material download and upload, as well as for storing own Divace work files for student folders.

Material server(s) containing media as files and streams (RealServer, Win2000 VOD server, e.g.)

Communication Servers as NetMeeting Server.

3   Online Distance learning in groups

Fall 2001

Enhanced communications:

Video is incorporated in Intercom , All Call and Group Call
Teacher to define virtual groups for oral communication ( group conference )
Teacher can collect student work files ( test response collection )
Students can be set to speak to groups ( model student )
Teacher can transfer audio from analog sources ( program transfer: cassette e.g. )
Application sharing (whiteboard, e.g.)

Feasibility of further development of teacher control , e.g. group control, will be discussed and studied.

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