CSU Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Programs

Applying to the Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs

Students planning to attend in Fall 2019 may begin submitting applications for admission based on dates indicated on the DNP Consortia websites. The deadlines to submit an application for admission may vary by CSU campus.

  1. First, complete the Graduate Application on Cal State Apply.
  2. Visit the appropriate website for details on program-specific admission requirements, including letters of recommendation, transcripts and exam scores:
How many students will be admitted each year?

Contact the individual CSU DNP program for information on how many students the program admits for each of its cohorts.

Will there be a distance education/online option?

The joint Fresno-San José program is planned as an online offering. The joint CSU Fullerton-Long Beach-Los Angeles program uses a traditional classroom instructional design, with a limited number of online courses.

Financial Assistance Information: Overview
Various types of financial aid may be available to graduate students who qualify and demonstrate a need for these resources.  Financial aid programs— which come in a variety of forms such as grants, scholarships, and loan programs—are available to assist students in meeting their educational expenses.  Interested DNP students should contact the Office of Financial Aid at their lead campus for information about financial assistance available to students enrolled in DNP programs.  Each campus Office of Financial Aid is responsible for advising students about financial aid opportunities and for administering funds made available by federal and state governments, the individual CSU campus, and by private sources.

Information about policies and regulations governing financial assistance programs is available through the Office of Financial Aid.  Because of limited funding, application deadlines for financial assistance are critical.  DNP students should check with their home campus Financial Aid Office for application deadlines.

The Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program
DNP students may wish to consider applying for the Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program.  The program provides student loans to a limited number of individuals pursuing full-time doctoral degrees at accredited universities throughout the United States. After participants receive their doctoral degrees and obtain a qualifying instructional position in the CSU, a portion of the loan from this program may be forgiven every year.  Information about this loan program can be found on the CDIP website.

Last Updated: September 05, 2018