Early Assessment Program

Resources for Parents

The resource materials on this site are intended to assist parents in helping their child with college readiness. They include suggestions for helping a child take the right steps, make the senior year count, take control of their school work, and build good study habits.

Help Your Child Take The Right Steps Now
Decisions your child makes as early as 8th grade can have a huge effect on his college career. They might affect how soon your child will go to college, what type of college he attends, and even whether he will go to college at all.

Help Your Child Make Senior Year Count
High school seniors have worked hard for three years, taking tests, completing projects, and preparing for college admission. When senior year rolls around, some students just want to get through college applications and relax before they head off to the college of their choice.

Homework Helper: Help Your Child Take Control
Help your child create a good study area with all the resources she needs (for example, a dictionary). If you don't have a quiet place at home, she should try the school or local library.

Help Your Child Build Good Study Habits
You may feel helpless watching your child endure the pangs of looming deadlines and new and challenging assignments. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. Although you can't do the work for your child, your support, encouragement, and understanding is important.


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