Chancellor's Communication-March 27, 2001

March 27, 2001

TO:         All CSU Employees
FROM:    CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed
RE:         CSU Update
Greetings to all California State University faculty and staff members. This e-mail is the latest in a series of messages aimed at informing CSU employees about systemwide issues. I want to take this opportunity to share the latest news from the CSU.

First, some brief reminders: I appreciate all of your questions and comments and I encourage you to keep sending them. However, due to the large volume of e-mails I receive at this address, I am unable to respond to your messages individually. Also, our campuses help me deliver these e-mails by sending them out to each university's all-employee distribution list. We are working to remove names that no longer belong on this list, but we are unable to remove individual names of current employees.

Next, some updates on CSU activities:

New CSU Presidents: The CSU has hired two new campus presidents. We have named Richard Rush, president of Minnesota State University at Mankato, as president of CSU Channel Islands; and William Eisenhardt, provost of the Maine Maritime Academy, as president of the California State University Maritime Academy. We are pleased to have these experienced leaders as part of our team. To learn more about them, please visit the following pages on the CSU web site:

Budget: The CSU has testified about its 2001/02 budget before the Senate and Assembly budget subcommittees. We are pushing hard to receive an additional two percent increase for faculty and staff compensation (that is, above the four percent proposed by Gov. Davis), which would bring our total compensation pool to six percent. I believe that every little bit of encouragement helps, so if you have a chance, I urge you to write a letter to Gov. Davis or to your legislators asking them to approve this increase.

Energy: As some of you may have seen in the news, we are concerned about the future of our contract with Enron Energy Services, through which the CSU and the UC receive discounted rates on electricity and other services. We are working to ensure that Enron honors all of its commitments throughout the period of the contract, which ends in March 2002. Also, we continue to pay close attention to the rise in natural gas prices. The CSU is requesting from the state a total of $41.1 million for 2000/01 and 2001/02 to address this concern. These and other energy issues could have a major impact on our budget for this year and next.

Community College Articulation: I want to express my appreciation to the faculty committees that are working to smooth out the transition between the community colleges and the CSU. They are making progress toward reaching agreement on core lower division prerequisite courses in the majors most popular among community college transfer students. This issue is critical for the CSU because we have a Master Plan responsibility to serve our state's community college transfer students. For every first-time freshman we admit, we admit two community college transfer students.

Doctor of Education Degree (Ed.D.): California needs more qualified educational leaders for its K-12 schools, community colleges, and university schools of education. Our state's current private and public Ed.D. programs tend to be costly, inconvenient for working students, and lacking in diversity. The CSU believes it can offer affordability, accessibility, and most importantly, a high level of expertise in this area. The Board of Trustees' legislative program for 2001 includes a proposal to authorize the CSU to grant an applied Ed.D. degree. The CSU recently testified on this issue before the legislature's Joint Committee on the Master Plan.

Campus Visits: I am continuing to make the rounds of campus visits. On each of these trips, I have enjoyed learning more about all of the outstanding contributions of our faculty, staff members, and students. I hope to get a chance to meet more of you during my upcoming campus visits.

As always, I invite you to respond to this e-mail with your comments or questions. I will post responses to the most frequently asked questions (from among those received by April 3) at /Executive/index.shtml on April 10.

Thank you again for all you do to make the California State University an outstanding institution.

last updated 27 March 2001