Chancellor's Communication-April 16, 2003


April 16, 2003
TO:         All CSU Employees
FROM:    CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed and CSU Campus Presidents
RE:         CSU Update
Many of you have heard a great deal lately about the California State University's administrative technology program known as the Common Management System (CMS). The Bureau of State Audits last month released a report on the CMS project, and that report has since received a substantial amount of legislative attention and media coverage.
The CSU launched the CMS project because we needed an administrative technology system that would help our 23 campuses manage all of the information and services required for 407,000 students and 45,000 employees. Our campuses had been operating a patchwork of older technology systems that were costly to operate and were unable to meet the complex demands of such a large university system. After more than a decade's worth of research and planning, the CSU decided that the streamlined CMS system would be the best option to serve our students, faculty, and staff efficiently and effectively.
The CSU takes the concerns raised in the auditors' report very seriously and we are working hard to address those concerns. We are planning to implement all 30 of the auditors' recommendations, which we believe will be very valuable to the project.
Although we disagree with the auditors' interpretations of the cost of the CMS project - their total included operations and maintenance costs that would have been equivalent to the costs of operating and maintaining our old systems - we will continue to monitor all costs very closely and report them to the Legislature as we have been doing since 1999. As to the auditors' questions about the CSU's business case for the CMS project, we have responded by communicating our objectives, explaining our planning process, and conducting an analysis to confirm the benefits of the project. In terms of security, we have instituted new restrictions and we are working closely with PeopleSoft on additional software improvements.
In the months and years to come, the CSU will continue to assess all aspects of this project to make sure it is implemented smoothly, cost-effectively, and with the highest level of security possible. Our goal is to provide better services to our students, faculty, and staff, and to continue to deliver the high quality of education that California expects from the CSU.
To learn more about the CMS project, please visit our CMS web page at
Thank you for all that you do for the California State University system.
Charles B. Reed, CSU Chancellor
Tomas A. Arciniega, President of CSU Bakersfield
Ruben Arminana, President of Sonoma State University
Warren J. Baker, President of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Robert L. Caret, President of San Jose State University
Robert A. Corrigan, President of San Francisco State University
William B. Eisenhardt, President of California State University Maritime Academy
Manuel A. Esteban, President of CSU Chico
Donald R. Gerth, President of CSU Sacramento
Alexander Gonzalez, President of CSU San Marcos
Milton A. Gordon, President of CSU Fullerton
Marvalene Hughes, President of CSU Stanislaus
Albert K. Karnig, President of CSU San Bernardino
Jolene Koester, President of CSU Northridge
James E. Lyons, Sr., President of CSU Dominguez Hills
Robert C. Maxson, President of CSU Long Beach
Norma S. Rees, President of CSU Hayward
Rollin C. Richmond, President of Humboldt State University
James M. Rosser, President of CSU Los Angeles
Richard Rush, President of CSU Channel Islands
Peter P. Smith, President of CSU Monterey Bay
Bob H. Suzuki, President of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Stephen L. Weber, President of San Diego State University
John D. Welty, President of CSU Fresno

last updated April 16, 2003