Transcript of CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed's welcome to the campuses:

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to welcome you to a new academic year at the California State University.

The CSU is one of the most amazing institutions in this country. It's not just because we're the largest or most diverse…but because of the work each and every one of you does every day. From the faculty and lecturers who are helping our students learn and discover new ideas…To the researchers who are finding ways to make our water safer, and our air cleaner, and our schools more effective…To the people who work at our institutions…who help us with admissions and financial aid…with the dormitories and cafeterias…To the office managers who help serve the students.

All of this adds up to a university system that is more accomplished than any other I know in this country. We don't need to be compared to anybody else because of what we do.

This past year, we released an economic impact study that showed the California State University returns four dollars and forty-one cents for every one dollar that state invests in our students. That's a great investment! This past spring we graduated 88,000 students.

Now I know those students are going to out and earn more than a million dollars in their lifetime earnings that they wouldn't have, because they got a degree at the California State University.

Everyone who knows about the CSU knows that our numbers tell a powerful story.

But we know that it's the people who power the CSU and make the margin of excellence. I hope that you will go to one of our websites,, and I hope you will download the economic impact study and learn more about us.

The California State University is the university that is Working for California. We prepare more than half of the graduates in all of the leading industries and about 80% of the graduates that serve the people of California, like teachers and nurses.

Let me welcome you back to the CSU. I wish you every success as this new academic year starts and thank you very much for your service.

last updated August 12, 2005