Chancellor's Recent Speeches

Remarks by Dr. Charles B. Reed
Chancellor, California State University
CSU Entertainment Industry
Advisory Council Meeting
Burbank, CA
March 27, 2012

Thank you, Frank, for hosting this year's meeting at The Walt Disney Company. I am also looking forward to the alumni reception you have arranged following our meeting today.

I want to extend my welcome to both our current advisory board members and to those of you who have joined us today. Thank you for your willingness to meet annually to discuss the state of arts and entertainment programs at the CSU.

We have a commitment to ensure that our students' educational experience is relevant to the industries that employ them. I am especially grateful for your insights and advice, which help us prepare our students to be successful in all facets of the entertainment industry.

CSU's Investment in the Arts

The CSU has an extraordinary investment in the arts and entertainment. Almost half (48%) of this state's graduates in media studies and communications come from the CSU. Twenty-two of our 23 campuses have media arts or entertainment industry-related programs offered by 47 unique departments, schools and colleges.

Last year we talked about the importance of “storytelling” skills. We have over 10,000 students currently engaged in a major course of study to gain skills in storytelling and arts related to the entertainment industry.

Our campuses have made extensive investments in their infrastructure, with the largest and most complete facilities at San Francisco State, San Jose State, CSU Northridge and CSU Fullerton.

  • We have four computer animation laboratories.
  • We have ten radio stations.
  • We have 19 multi-camera television studios on 14 campuses; two high definition facilities and eight full soundstages.
  • We have 26 dedicated sound and music recording facilities.
  • We have over 600 computer work stations dedicated to media production.

Many of you are familiar with these venues from your days as CSU students and from your visits back as successful alumni.

Our commitment to your industry and to our students is timeless and will continue to be strong even as we undergo leadership transitions at our campuses.

We are welcoming new presidents at some of our campuses with strong arts programs; Dr. Mo Qayoumi began last year at San Jose State; Dr. Millie Garcia will take the helm at CSU Fullerton on July 1 and Dr. Dianne F. Harrison will begin at Northridge in June.

Also we will be seeking to fill the big shoes that Bob Corrigan leaves behind upon his retirement from SFSU at the end of this year. Bob has led San Francisco State for 24 years. Under his leadership, SFSU has become nationally recognized as a preeminent public, urban university.

In the arts, Bob helped us to develop this system wide entertainment industry initiative which brings us all here today. Among his many contributions to the arts at SFSU, he established the International Center for the Arts, which has led to both the Generations Jazz Performance Project and the Documentary Film Institute at the university.

Bob's wife, Joyce, has served on the SF Film Commission and is currently a member of the SF Symphony Board.....The arts are a family affair in the Corrigan household.

I want to thank you, Bob, for your contributions to the CSU and higher education, and also for your work on the CSU Entertainment Industry Initiative.

Bob, would you like to say a few words?

    (Brief comments from President Corrigan - recognizes SFSU alumni present and describes alumni accomplishments.)

As a result of the leadership of our presidents and the talents of our faculty, CSU's graduates have received more honors and awards from their industry peers than the graduates of any other system of higher education in the world.

Some highlights include:

  • CSU alumni have been nominated for over 600 industry awards with over 350 wins and more than 200 Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe or Tony Awards.

  • Famous acting alumni include Helen Hunt and Richard Dreyfuss from CSUN and Annette Bening and Danny Glover from SFSU.

  • Our leading producers and directors include Steven Spielberg from CSULB, Peter Casey from SFSU and Kathleen Kennedy from SDSU.

  • Our animation graduates include Jennifer Yuh Nelson from CSULB - the all-time highest grossing female director for "Kung Fu Panda" - and Victoria Livingston from SFSU, for the Oscar-winning “Happy Feet.”

  • Our San Francisco State alumni in sound and music production include performers such as George Duke, here with us today, and Grammy Award winning audio engineer, Dave Hampton.

These few names are just the tip of the iceberg. Our entertainment graduates are thousands strong and power the industry every day.

Thank you to all of you for showing your support by being here today.

Now I would like to turn to Scott Patterson to give us updates on the Entertainment Initiatives activities.