Trustees Orientation

Role of Trustees, Chancellor, Executive Staff

Role of the Trustees

  • Selects chancellor and presidents
  • Establishes policies, goals
  • Oversees progress toward goals
  • Ensures accountability
  • Reviews and approves major business
  • Promotes the CSU

Role of the Chancellor

  • CEO of system
  • Leads Executive Council - CSU presidents, vice chancellors
  • Assists campuses and presidents in carrying out CSU mission
  • Coordinates systemwide functions - Communicates with trustees
  • Represents CSU to state, national policymakers
  • Leads systemwide federal relations, communications

Role of Presidents

  • Provide leadership
  • Represent campus to the community and the system
  • Bring campus perspective to Executive Council
  • Set campus priorities/vision
  • Manage campus operations
  • Plan for future needs
  • Raise private funds
  • Hire and support faculty, staff
  • Ensure academic quality

Executive Staff

The role of the executive staff is to develop and coordinate systemwide policy and programs in areas such as budget, technology, academic affairs, business affairs, institutional research, physical plant development, employee relations, state and federal governmental affairs, legal affairs, university advancement (development and fundraising), communications and public affairs.