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2008 Award Recipient

Dr. Stella Ting-Toomey
Dr. Stella Ting-Toomey

Dr. Stella Ting-Toomey is an internationally renowned expert in intercultural communications, conflict management, and intercultural competence. Having joined the CSU Fullerton faculty in 1989, Dr. Ting-Toomey previously served on the faculty of Arizona State University and Rutgers University. She earned a Ph.D. at the University of Washington.

Dr. Ting-Toomey is a prolific author of books and articles, and her book, Communicating Across Cultures, is considered essential reading for interculturalists around the world. She has volunteered her expertise in South Africa, Germany, Portugal, Japan, and China-all the while promoting the reputation of CSU Fullerton. Dr. Ting-Toomey routinely shares authoring and editing credits of her many publications with her students, which has launched their academic careers.

A faculty member at the University of New Mexico writes, "Dr. Ting-Toomey has been a mentor to countless scholars and colleagues. I am one of her mentees She encouraged me to take on a challenging class project and at its completion encouraged me to submit it to a journal for publication. That was my first significant publication, and her encouragement and feedback was critical for giving me confidence as a scholar."

Dr. Ting-Toomey has served as a dissertation advisor and thesis supervisor at Rutgers, Arizona State, and CSU Fullerton to many students who have become scholar-practitioners in intercultural communications and education worldwide. Her scholarship impacts such fields as international diplomacy, hostage negotiation, and international management.

She has been the recipient of awards for teaching, scholarship, and publications at CSU Fullerton. Professor Ting-Toomey has been an invited speaker at universities and events in California, nationally, and internationally. At the same time, she has been involved in departmental, college, and university-wide service.

College of Communications Dean Rick Pullen says, "Dr. Ting-Toomey exemplifies the perfect professor a consummate scholar, an excellent classroom teacher who gives back to her department, college, university, and the community."