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Financial Statements


Financial Statements for the CSU System (including campuses, primary Auxiliary Organizations, Systemwide Revenue Bonds, and other component units), which present information on the financial position and performance of each unit.

Campus Stand Alone

Audited Financial Statements of individual campuses (referred to as "Stand-Alone") completed prior to 2014. Currently, campus financial information and performance is included as supplemental schedules to the Systemwide Audited Financial Statements.

Systemwide Revenue Bonds

Audited Financial Statements completed prior to 2016 for the Systemwide Revenue Bond (SRB) program, used to finance the construction and repair of various student facilities. SRB financial information is now included in the systemwide statements.


The CSU Risk Management Authority's (CSURMA) financial statements include the independent auditorsí report, management's discussion and analysis, the audited financial statements, and supplementary information.

Stockton Center

Formed between the CSU and the City of Stockton, the Stockton Center Authority, manages property with a focus on providing educational, commercial, and residential opportunities. The financial statements include the auditorsí report and supplementary information.


The Auxiliary Organization Resources page provides access to Audited Financial Statements for Auxiliaries that don't meet the threshold to be included in the Systemwide Audited Financial Statements. The resources page also provides access to other searchable financial data.