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CSU Trustees' Awards

Donor Profiles

The CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement continues to grow thanks to your support. Every year, we have the privilege of knowing that these scholars have the opportunity to transform their lives and will continue to make a difference in our communities through their professional careers and public service.

The following donors have made this year's event possible. If you would like to support talented students achieve their dreams, please donate now.

Founding Leaders
Chair's Circle
Chancellor's Circle
President's Circle
Program Sponsors
  • California State University Foundation
  • Cisco
  • Southwest Airlines - "The official airline of the CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement"
  • CSU Trustee Debra Farar and Sim Farar
  • CSU Trustee Lillian Kimbell and Nathan Gardels
  • CSU Trustee Lou Monville and Elizabeth Monville
  • CSU Trustee J. Lawrence Norton and Sally Norton
  • CSU Trustee Steven Stepanek
  • CSU Trustee Emeritus Raymond Holdsworth
  • CSU Trustee Emeritus Harold Goldwhite
  • CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White and Karen White in honor of the leadership provided by the CSU presidents, vice chancellors and trustees.
  • Garrett P. Ashley
  • Loretta M. Lamb
  • Aaron Moore and John De La Torre
  • Lori A. Redfearn and Robert Corrigan
  • Steven Relyea

^ deceased