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CSU Trustees' Awards

Donor Profiles

The CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement continues to grow thanks to your support. Every year, we have the privilege of knowing that these scholars have the opportunity to transform their lives and will continue to make a difference in our communities through their professional careers and public service.

The following donors have made this year's event possible. If you would like to support talented students achieve their dreams, please donate now.

Founding Leaders
Chairman's Circle
Chancellor's Circle
President's Circle
Program Sponsors
  • CSU Trustee Roberta Achtenberg* and Susan Shain
  • CSU Trustee Debra S. Farar and Sim Farar*
  • CSU Trustee Steven Glazer
  • CSU Trustee Lillian Kimball
  • CSU Trustee Lou Monville and Elizabeth Monville
  • CSU Trustee J. Lawrence Norton and Sally S. Norton*
  • CSU Trustee Steven Stepanek
  • CSU Trustee Emeritus Jeffrey Bleich
  • CSU Trustee Emeritus Herbert Carter*
  • CSU Trustee Emerita Carol R. Chandler
  • CSU Trustee Emeritus Harold Goldwhite
  • CSU Trustee Emeritus Raymond Holdsworth, Jr.
  • CSU Academic Senate
  • CSU Chancellor's Office Employees
  • CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White and Karen White, in honor of the leadership provided by the CSU presidents, vice-chancellors, and trustees
  • The Albert Group Architects~
  • Ann Amioka*
  • Garrett Ashley
  • Association of California Life and Health Insurance Companies*
  • Automoblie Club of Southern California*
  • Blue Shield of California*
  • Raymond Beckering, Jr.*
  • Katheryn Bosworth*
  • Hope and Richard Brandsma*
  • Gail Brooks*
  • Susan Burton*
  • California Chamber of Commerce*
  • Judson Clark*
  • Rita Coslet~
  • Lawrence Dicke*
  • Margaret Dineen-Kern*
  • Devon Farley*
  • Dennis Flatt*
  • Lori Goodman~
  • Russell and Beth Gould*
  • Peter Grove*
  • Diana Guerin*
  • Anne and Ben Haddad*
  • Brice Harris*
  • Bryan S. Hart*
  • Gary K. Hart*
  • Mary Hauck*
  • Mary and Thomas Hayes*
  • Linda Hayward*
  • Christine Helwick*
  • Leticia Hernandez*
  • Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego
  • William L. Jones*
  • Aggie and William Keese*
  • Robert and Bobbie Kittredge*
  • Kenneth David Lee~
  • Robert and Carolyn Lee*
  • Henry Loubet*
  • Greg, Donna, and Katie Lucas*
  • Terry M. Magnin~
  • Larry Mandel*
  • Paul Markovich*
  • Barry S. Martin*
  • James Mayer*
  • Diane and Robert McCafferty*
  • Julia Justus McGinity*
  • Lenny Mendonca*
  • Vicki Merten*
  • Anthony Mesa and Hector Marquez*
  • Wayne Moon*
  • Marie Moretti and Terry McGann*
  • Marilyn Moretti*
  • Matt Moretti*
  • Frank Murphy, Jr.*
  • Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Gross, and Leoni LLP*
  • Vigo Nielsen, Jr. and Arlene Nielsen*
  • Walter Obermeyer~
  • Lynnea Olsen*
  • Stephen Ortiz*
  • Robert Pecota*
  • Michael Peevey*
  • RB International*
  • Lori A. Redfearn and Robert Corrigan*
  • Harriet Reininger~
  • Sally Roush*
  • Sherry Saunders*
  • Anne Sheehan*
  • Ephraim and Linda Smith*
  • Donald Steed*
  • Cynthia Suzuki*
  • Julie Venhuizen*
  • Alexandra Vuksich*
  • Frank Washington*
  • Peter and Laurel Weber*
  • Bradley E. Wenger and Georgia A. Jenkins-Wenger*
  • John Welty and Sharon Brown-Welty*
  • Robert S. White*
  • Thomas and Susan Willoughby*
  • Karen Zamarripa*
  • Arthur Zimmerman*

^ deceased
* In memory of William Hauck
~ In memory of Mort Slater