Honorary Degrees

Honorary Degrees Awarded by Campus

Robert Townsend, Northridge, 2015

Robert Townsend
Northridge, 2015

Robert E. Ladouceur, San José, 2015

Robert E. Ladouceur
San José, 2015

Natividad (Nati) Cano, Los Angeles, 2015

Natividad "Nati" Cano
Los Angeles, 2015

Marvin R. Baxter, Fresno, 2015

Marvin R. Baxter
Fresno, 2015


Mildred Jean AblinDoctor of Humane LettersBakersfield6/13/1998
James L. BurkeDoctor of Humane LettersBakersfield6/14/1997
Rayburn S. DezemberDoctor of Humane LettersBakersfield6/8/1996
John FarrerDoctor of Fine ArtsBakersfield6/13/2014
Merle Ronald HaggardDoctor of Fine ArtsBakersfield6/14/2013
Robert W. KarpeDoctor of Humane LettersBakersfield6/11/2005
George F. MartinDoctor of Humane LettersBakersfield6/12/1999
Stephen W.  Schilling Doctor of Humane Letters Bakersfield 6/10/2016
Walter W. StiernDoctor of LawsBakersfield6/14/1986
William "Bill" ThomasDoctor of Humane LettersBakersfield6/7/2008
Tyree ToliverDoctor of Humane LettersBakersfield6/13/2009
Milton M. YoungerDoctor of Humane LettersBakersfield6/12/1999

Channel Islands

Top ^
Louis "Lou" CannonDoctor of Humane LettersChannel Islands5/18/2013
Kathleen Marie IrelandDoctor of Humane LettersChannel Islands5/19/2012
William J. KearneyDoctor of Humane LettersChannel Islands5/16/2015
Henry L. "Hank" LacayoDoctor of Humane LettersChannel Islands5/19/2012
John Spoor BroomeDoctor of Humane LettersChannel Islands5/21/2005
Robert J. LagomarsinoDoctor of LawsChannel Islands5/21/2005
Mark  Lisagor Doctor of Humane Letters Channel Islands 5/21/2016
Sara Miller  McCune Doctor of Humane Letters Channel Islands 5/14/2016
Jack T. O'ConnellDoctor of Humane LettersChannel Islands5/21/2011


Top ^
Ernest L. BoyerDoctor of Humane LettersChico5/22/1988
Floyd EnglishDoctor of ScienceChico5/21/2005
David C. FavorDoctor of Humane LettersChico5/22/2010
Marshall Lloyd GinterDoctor of ScienceChico5/22/2004
Ken GrossmanDoctor of Humane LettersChico5/25/2008
Sandra LernerDoctor of ScienceChico5/19/2012
Wendell J. LundbergDoctor of ScienceChico5/26/2013
Steve G. NettletonDoctor of Humane LettersChico5/24/2003
John F. O'ConnellDoctor of Humane LettersChico5/26/1985
Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al QasimiDoctor of ScienceChico5/24/2009
Jack L. RawlinsDoctor of ScienceChico4/11/2007
Edward RollinsDoctor of Humane LettersChico5/18/2012
Rafael SanchezDoctor of Humane LettersChico5/19/2007
Judy Lynn SittonDoctor of Humane LettersChico5/25/2003
Glen ToneyDoctor of Humane LettersChico5/22/2004
Marilyn Wade WarrensDoctor of Fine ArtsChico5/25/2008
Savio L. Y. WooDoctor of ScienceChico5/23/1998

Dominguez Hills

Top ^
Abel Coronado AmayaDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/18/2007
David BarclayDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/24/1997
Jun-Boo ChaDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/27/1995
Henry G. CisnerosDoctor of LawsDominguez Hills5/21/2010
Lodwrick M. CookDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills2/21/1995
Anita L. DeFrantzDoctor of LawsDominguez Hills5/25/1996
Norman EpsteinDoctor of LawsDominguez Hills5/28/1999
Timothy J. LeiwekeDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/23/2003
Katherine B. LokerDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/28/1999
Monica LozanoDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/22/2008
Janet MurguíaDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/20/2011
Norman NeuerburgDoctor of Fine ArtsDominguez Hills5/23/1998
Lloyd RichardsDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/22/1993
Tavis SmileyDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/23/2008
Gil D. SmithDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/18/2007
Ngugi wa Thiong'oDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/20/2005
Yukiyasu TogoDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills9/17/1992
John J. TracyDoctor of ScienceDominguez Hills5/20/2011
Walter J. TurnbullDoctor of Fine ArtsDominguez Hills5/24/1991
Forest Steven WhitakerDoctor of Humane LettersDominguez Hills5/16/2015

East Bay

Top ^
Jack AcostaDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/12/2010
Abel G. AganbegyanDoctor of LawsEast Bay*6/15/2002
Yoshie AkibaDoctor of Fine ArtsEast Bay6/14/2014
Stephen Bechtel Jr.Doctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/13/2014
Iris ChangDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay*6/12/2004
Ronald V. DellumsDoctor of LawsEast Bay*6/10/2000
Evelyn  Dilsaver Doctor of Humane Letters East Bay 6/12/2016
Vera King FarrisDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay*6/11/1994
Brian De Lacy FigajiDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay*6/9/2001
Franz FischlerDoctor of LawsEast Bay*6/14/1997
Leo Fontana Doctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/13/2009
Sil Garaventa, Jr. Doctor of Humane LettersEast Bay2/25/2011
Khaled Hosseini Doctor of Fine ArtsEast Bay6/14/2009
I. King JordanDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay*6/10/1995
Yuri KochiyamaDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/12/2010
Fred KorematsuDoctor of LawsEast Bay*6/8/1996
Scott KriensDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/14/2009
Arturo MadridDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay*6/12/1993
Kumar MalavalliDoctor of ScienceEast Bay6/14/2013
Sunne Wright McPeakDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay*6/13/1998
Alex MehranDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/12/2011
Shailesh MehtaDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/17/2007
Rita MorenoDoctor of Fine ArtsEast Bay6/1/2007
Joe MorganDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/14/2008
Susan B. NeumanDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay*6/15/2002
Bernard A. OsherDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/11/2011
Kim PoleseDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/11/2011
Richard H. SherrattDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/16/2012
Ellen O. TauscherDoctor of LawsEast Bay6/17/2012
Yoji  Unoki Doctor of Humane Letters East Bay 6/11/2016
Ralph Winfred TylerDoctor of LawsEast Bay*6/10/1967
Stanley T. WangDoctor of Humane LettersEast Bay6/10/2006
Leonard "Lenny" WilliamsDoctor of Fine ArtsEast Bay6/16/2012


Top ^
Leslie BassettDoctor of Fine ArtsFresno5/23/2009
Marvin R. BaxterDoctor of LawsFresno5/16/2015
Lee Patrick BrownDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/27/1994
Malinda ChouinardDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/19/2007
Roy ChristopherDoctor of Fine ArtsFresno5/19/2007
Sidney Harvey CraigDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/22/1993
Mary Carolyn DobbsDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/22/2004
Robert E. DuncanDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/25/1996
Kenny C. GuinnDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/22/2010
Coralein HallowellDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/20/2000
James HallowellDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/20/2000
Herbie HancockDoctor of Fine ArtsFresno5/24/1997
Juan Felipe  Herrera Doctor of Literature Fresno 5/21/2016
T. Alan HurwitzDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/10/2013
Sam F. IacobellisDoctor of ScienceFresno5/20/2006
Margaret JensenDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/22/2010
Rodger B. JensenDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/22/2010
Richard A. JohansonDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/21/2005
William M. LylesDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/26/2001
Ernest D. MarquezDoctor of ScienceFresno5/25/2002
James McClatchyDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/20/2006
Peter G. MehasDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/17/2014
Lajpat Rai MungerDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/17/2003
Ruth Marie NickersonDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/21/2005
Paul H. O'NeillDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/22/1999
Edward James OlmosDoctor of Fine ArtsFresno5/25/1996
A. Jerrold PerenchioDoctor of Fine ArtsFresno5/21/2011
Leon S. PetersDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/24/1997
Pete Peters Doctor of Humane LettersFresno5/17/2008
Vincent E. PetrucciDoctor of ScienceFresno5/28/1994
Elmer RichterDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/23/1998
Hugo Morales RosasDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/22/1999
Larry A. ShehadeyDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/25/2002
Earl S. SmittcampDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/27/1995
John L. WoolfDoctor of Humane LettersFresno5/23/2009


Top ^
Arnold O. BeckmanDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton5/26/1984
Dan BlackDoctor of ScienceFullerton5/20/2007
Nicolas CageDoctor of Fine ArtsFullerton5/25/2001
Tracy CaldwellDoctor of ScienceFullerton5/17/2008
James CameronDoctor of Fine ArtsFullerton5/29/1999
Gareth C. C. ChangDoctor of ScienceFullerton5/26/2001
Richard K. DavisDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton5/17/2014
Regina E. DuganDoctor of ScienceFullerton5/22/2011
Paul F. FolinoDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton5/23/2010
Susan Elizabeth GeorgeDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton5/30/2004
Rudy A. HanleyDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton5/22/2010
Donald F. KarcherDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton9/25/1992
Steven G. MihayloDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton5/29/2005
Clarence Iwao NishizuDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton5/29/1999
Jose QuinteroDoctor of Fine ArtsFullerton5/28/1989
María Elena   Salinas Doctor of Humane Letters Fullerton 5/22/2016
Deborah  Voigt Doctor of Fine Arts Fullerton 5/21/2016
James D. WoodsDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton5/28/2006
Louis Booker WrightDoctor of Humane LettersFullerton11/30/1966


Top ^
Homer P. BalabanisDoctor of Fine ArtsHumboldt6/15/1985
Michael FieldingDoctor of Humane LettersHumboldt5/17/2008
Fred. B. GalbreathDoctor of ScienceHumboldt5/20/1995
Monica P. HadleyDoctor of Humane LettersHumboldt5/16/1998
Robert N. KleinDoctor of LawsHumboldt5/12/2012
Gwynna M. MorrisDoctor of Humane LettersHumboldt5/18/2002
Louis W. SchatzDoctor of ScienceHumboldt5/21/1994
Cheryl SeidnerDoctor of Humane LettersHumboldt5/17/2008
Monroe E. SpaghtDoctor of LawsHumboldt6/4/1965
Herrmann SpetzlerDoctor of Humane LettersHumboldt5/17/2014

Long Beach

Top ^
Richard CarpenterDoctor of Fine ArtsLong Beach5/26/2000
Robert Judson ColeDoctor of Fine ArtsLong Beach5/6/2015
Regena Cummings ColeDoctor of Fine ArtsLong Beach5/6/2015
George DeukmejianDoctor of LawsLong Beach5/29/2008
James H. GrayDoctor of LawsLong Beach5/24/2000
Tommy LasordaDoctor of Humane LettersLong Beach5/27/1998
Bella LewitzkyDoctor of Fine ArtsLong Beach5/30/1997
Steve MartinDoctor of Humane LettersLong Beach8/25/1989
Isabel PattersonDoctor of Humane LettersLong Beach5/31/1995
Janet SpidellDoctor of Humane LettersLong Beach5/29/2008
Robert SpidellDoctor of Humane LettersLong Beach5/29/2008
Christopher J.  Steinhauser Doctor of Humane Letters Long Beach 5/17/2016

Los Angeles

Top ^
Billy BartyDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/10/1995
Bishop Charles E. BlakeDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/12/2010
Edmund G. Pat BrownDoctor of LawsLos Angeles6/11/1982
Natividad "Nati" CanoDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/13/2015
Warren ChristopherDoctor of LawsLos Angeles6/9/2007
Maria Contreras-Sweet Doctor of Humane Letters Los Angeles 6/10/2016
Maria Elena DurazoDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/14/2014
Jaime A. EscalanteDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/9/1990
Ofelia  Esparza Doctor of Humane Letters Los Angeles 6/11/2016
Michael FeinsteinDoctor of Fine ArtsLos Angeles6/14/1997
Claudia H. HamptonDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/10/1995
Augustus F. HawkinsDoctor of LawsLos Angeles6/15/1985
Francis KeppelDoctor of Humane Letters Los Angeles5/15/1964
Billie Jean KingDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/14/1997
David C. Lizarraga Doctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/10/2006
John MackDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/11/2011
Rosario MarinDoctor of LawsLos Angeles6/15/2002
Dionicio MoralesDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/6/2008
Barry MunitzDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/10/2000
Harry P. PachonDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/12/2004
George H.  Takei Doctor of Humane Letters Los Angeles 6/10/2016
Arnold J. ToynbeeDoctor of Humane Letters Los Angeles11/16/1964
Kent  Twitchell Doctor of Fine Arts Los Angeles 6/11/2016
Raul YzaguirreDoctor of Humane LettersLos Angeles6/11/2005
Edward R. RoybalDoctor of LawsLos Angeles 6/13/1998

Monterey Bay

Top ^
Robert AntleDoctor of Humane LettersMonterey Bay5/19/2007
Julian BondDoctor of Humane LettersMonterey Bay5/22/1999
Jose BurciagaDoctor of Humane LettersMonterey Bay5/24/1997
Evelyn CisnerosDoctor of Fine ArtsMonterey Bay5/23/1998
Robert Nathan DanzigerDoctor of Fine ArtsMonterey Bay9/14/2011
Benjamin  Jealous Doctor of Humane Letters Monterey Bay 5/21/2016
Sylvia M.  Panetta Doctor of Humane Letters Monterey Bay 5/21/2016
Samuel Ruiz GarciaDoctor of Humane LettersMonterey Bay5/25/2002
Ric MastenDoctor of LettersMonterey Bay5/19/2007
Julie PackardDoctor of ScienceMonterey Bay5/17/2014
Leon PanettaDoctor of Humane LettersMonterey Bay5/24/1997
Alice Mitchell RivlinDoctor of LawsMonterey Bay5/19/2012
Michael D. StennisDoctor of Humane LettersMonterey Bay5/26/2001
Rafael A. SuarezDoctor of Humane LettersMonterey Bay5/16/2009

Maritime Academy

Top ^
Roy DisneyDoctor of Humane LettersMaritime Academy4/26/2008
Robert E. Kramek Doctor of ScienceMaritime Academy5/2/2009


Top ^
William C. "Bill" AllenDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge5/22/2014
Alan ArmerDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge5/31/2002
Vincent P. BarabbaDoctor of LawsNorthridge5/24/2012
James BerkDoctor of Fine ArtsNorthridge5/24/2011
Harvey Alan  Bookstein Doctor of Humane Letters Northridge 5/22/2016
Mike CurbDoctor of Fine ArtsNorthridge5/19/2009
Michelle DeYoungDoctor of Fine ArtsNorthridge5/18/2010
Michael D. EisnerDoctor of Fine ArtsNorthridge6/3/2005
David W. FlemingDoctor of LawsNorthridge5/20/2009
Peter HemmingsDoctor of Fine ArtsNorthridge6/1/2000
Scott HorowitzDoctor of ScienceNorthridge5/29/1997
Dolores C. HuertaDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge5/29/2002
Rev. James M.  Lawson, Jr.  Doctor of Humane Letters Northridge 5/23/2016
Ann LiebermanDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge5/30/1997
Philip S. MagaramDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge5/28/2003
Asad M. MadniDoctor of ScienceNorthridge5/22/2013
Albert J. McNeilDoctor of Fine ArtsNorthridge5/28/2003
Charles H. NoskiDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge6/1/2007
Abraham PolonskyDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge5/27/1998
James David Power IIIDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge6/3/1999
Andres SegoviaDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge2/18/1983
Margaret Chase SmithDoctor of LawsNorthridge5/31/1974
Robert TownsendDoctor of Fine ArtsNorthridge5/16/2015
Carol VanessDoctor of Fine ArtsNorthridge4/4/1998
Harold M. WilliamsDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge5/28/1998
August WilsonDoctor of Fine ArtsNorthridge6/2/1999
Zev YaroslavskyDoctor of Humane LettersNorthridge5/17/2015

Office of the Chancellor

Top ^
C. Alden DunhamDoctor of Humane LettersOffice of the Chancellor9/20/1976
Peter J. PitchessDoctor of LawsOffice of the Chancellor7/20/1994
Irving StoneDoctor of LiteratureOffice of the Chancellor3/22/1971


Top ^
Paul AnkaDoctor of Fine ArtsPomona6/16/2013
Andrew J.C. CherngDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/14/2008
Julia ChildDoctor of Humane LettersPomona12/1/2000
James A. CollinsDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/13/1992
Jack DangermondDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/11/2005
Richard N. FrankDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/14/2009
Ronald W. GregoireDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/14/2014
Eddy W. HartensteinDoctor of SciencePomona6/14/2014
Don B. HuntleyDoctor of SciencePomona6/13/2009
Will Keith KelloggDoctor of Humane LettersPomona11/12/1998
W. Keith Kellogg IIDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/12/1994
Arthur J. LudwickDoctor of SciencePomona6/11/2010
Sarah L. LudwickDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/12/2010
Russell G. MawbyDoctor of SciencePomona6/10/1989
Emory W. MorrisDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/7/1969
Charles R. OliverDoctor of SciencePomona6/6/1996
Hae ParkDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/16/2013
Ronald R. SimonsDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/10/2012
Stuart SperberDoctor of SciencePomona6/9/2007
Charles Brown VoorhisDoctor of LawsPomona6/10/1995
Michi Nishiura WeglynDoctor of Humane LettersPomona6/12/1993
Norman Williamson Jr.Doctor of LettersPomona6/10/1995


Top ^
Sisbusiso M. E. BenguDoctor of LawsSacramento7/17/1996
Dale CarlsenDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento5/24/2013
Nathaniel S. Colley Sr.Doctor of LawsSacramento5/21/1988
Heitor Gurgulino de SouzaDoctor of LawsSacramento7/17/1996
Dorothy Stevens EnomotoDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento5/25/2001
Marcy FriedmanDoctor of Fine ArtsSacramento5/21/2010
Lou HarrisonDoctor of Fine ArtsSacramento5/28/1993
Lester HoltDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento5/23/2015
Phillip L. IsenbergDoctor of LawsSacramento5/24/2002
Grantland JohnsonDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento5/26/2001
Gregory  Kondos Doctor of Fine Arts Sacramento 5/21/2016
Winnie LeungDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento5/26/2007
David  Lucchetti Doctor of Humane Letters Sacramento 5/21/2016
Robert T. MatsuiDoctor of LawsSacramento5/20/2006
Federico MayorDoctor of LawsSacramento7/15/1996
Hugo MoralesDoctor of Fine ArtsSacramento5/20/2011
Ingrid MosesDoctor of LettersSacramento5/23/2003
Mario G. ObledoDoctor of LawsSacramento5/22/2010
George PerleDoctor of Fine ArtsSacramento5/25/1996
Cruz ReynosoDoctor of LawsSacramento5/18/2012
Richard W. RileyDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento12/14/2001
Albert S. RoddaDoctor of LawsSacramento5/23/1987
Anna Deavere SmithDoctor of Fine ArtsSacramento5/25/1996
Frederick TeichertDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento5/22/2009
Wayne ThiebaudDoctor of Fine ArtsSacramento5/23/1998
Angelo K. TsakopoulosDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento5/23/1998
Roger ValineDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento5/26/2007
Hans J.A. Van GinkelDoctor of LettersSacramento5/23/2003
Steven Lee YamshonDoctor of Humane LettersSacramento5/29/1999

San Bernardino

Top ^
Ronald M. AuenDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/13/2013
Sherrie C. AuenDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/13/2013
Betty M. BarkerDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/17/2010
Glenda M. BaylessDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino12/10/2011
Hardy Brown Sr.Doctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/14/2014
Jack H. BrownDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/19/2005
Jesus CardenasDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/14/2014
Luz CardenasDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/14/2014
Nicholas J. CoussoulisDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/21/2009
Florentino GarzaDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/13/2004
W. Benson Harer Jr.Doctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/16/2001
Helene A. HixonDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/18/2015
Philip E. HixonDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/18/2015
Dorothy InghramDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/14/2003
William E. LeonardDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/16/2007
Sam MaloofDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Bernardino6/16/2007
Charles ObershawDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/18/2006
Shelby ObershawDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/18/2006
Richard R. OliphantDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/16/2006
Neale PerkinsDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/14/2008
Ali C. RaziDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/15/2002
Larry SharpDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/15/2008
Ernest H. SivaDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Bernardino6/20/2009
Dave StocktonDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/17/2012
Bruce D. VarnerDoctor of LawsSan Bernardino6/18/2011
James R. WatsonDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/19/2010
Judy Rodriguez WatsonDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/20/2015
Bing Sum WongDoctor of Humane LettersSan Bernardino6/19/2005

San Diego

Top ^
John BaldassariDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Diego5/17/2003
Arthur BarronDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/24/1998
Charles F. BoldenDoctor of ScienceSan Diego5/18/2003
Norman BrinkerDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/21/2005
Andreas BrownDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Diego5/21/2005
Malin BurnhamDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/23/2009
Shirley ChisholmDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/22/1999
Don CoryellDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/22/2010
Lori L.  Edwards Doctor of Humane Letters San Bernardino 6/18/2016
Mark C. Edwards Doctor of Humane Letters San Bernardino 6/18/2016
Ron L. FowlerDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/21/2005
Charles W. HostlerDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/21/2010
Kazuo InamoriDoctor of ScienceSan Diego4/5/2011
Irwin JacobsDoctor of ScienceSan Diego8/26/2006
D. Bruce JohnstoneDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego8/20/1997
Kathleen KennedyDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Diego5/15/2004
John F. KennedyDoctor of Laws San Diego6/6/1963
Linda A. LangDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/18/2013
Leonard H. LavinDoctor of Humane Letters San Diego5/18/2012
Miguel León-PortillaDoctor of LettersSan Diego5/3/2002
Arthur G. LinkletterDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/24/1998
Bernard LipinskyDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/26/1996
Martha LongeneckerDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Diego5/19/2007
Vahac MardirosianDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/23/1998
Craig R. NoelDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Diego5/20/2006
L. Robert PayneDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/19/2012
Shimon PeresDoctor of LawsSan Diego8/20/1997
Conrad T. PrebysDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego6/3/2015
Robert E. PriceDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego6/6/2014
Sol PriceDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/18/2003
Edwin O. ReischauerDoctor of LawsSan Diego4/1/1968
Patricia L. RoscoeDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/16/2014
Jerry SandersDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/17/2013
Susan R.  Salka Doctor of Humane Letters San Diego 5/13/2016
Glenn Theodore SeaborgDoctor of LawsSan Diego6/10/1966
Darlene ShileyDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Diego5/24/2008
James SinegalDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/22/1999
George Walker SmithDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/19/2002
Dwight E. StanfordDoctor of LawsSan Diego5/20/2002
Alvena StormDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/26/1996
Deborah SzekelyDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/18/2007
Claire Van VlietDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Diego5/18/2002
Leon WilliamsDoctor of Humane LettersSan Diego5/18/2007
Pete WilsonDoctor of LawsSan Diego5/23/2009
Irwin  Zahn Doctor of Humane Letters San Diego 5/14/2016

San Francisco

Top ^
Isabel AllendeDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/24/2008
Ruth AsawaDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Francisco5/30/1998
Annette BeningDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Francisco5/22/2015
Jeffrey L. BleichDoctor of LawsSan Francisco5/21/2011
James J. BrosnahanDoctor of LawsSan Francisco5/27/2006
Willie Brown Doctor of LawsSan Francisco5/29/2004
Yung Fa ChangDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco9/13/1990
Hillary Rodham ClintonDoctor of LawsSan Francisco5/27/1995
Ramon C. CortinesDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/27/1989
Adele CorvinDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/25/2013
Frank V. de BellisDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco6/11/1965
Morris DeesDoctor of LawsSan Francisco5/23/2009
Glenn S. DumkeDoctor of LawsSan Francisco5/29/1982
Marian Wright EdelmanDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/29/1993
Lawrence FerlinghettiDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Francisco5/22/2015
John Hope FranklinDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/30/1998
Millard FullerDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/25/2002
Peter GabelDoctor of LawsSan Francisco5/22/2015
Danny GloverDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Francisco5/31/1997
Richard N. GoldmanDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/26/2001
Vartan GregorianDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/29/2004
Louis H. HeilbronDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/28/1988
David JenkinsDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/30/1992
Walter JohnsonDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/24/2008
A. Robert  Linscheid Doctor of Humane Letters San Francisco 5/27/2016
Nelson MandelaDoctor of LawsSan Francisco5/31/1997
Jeffrey  Mallett Doctor of Science San Francisco 5/27/2016
George M. MarcusDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/21/2011
Manny MashoufDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/24/2008
Willie Howard Mays Jr.Doctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/23/2009
Stanley MazorDoctor of ScienceSan Francisco5/24/2014
Yehudi MenuhinDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Francisco5/9/1997
Otto E. MeyerDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/26/1990
Barbro OsherDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/19/2012
John P. SchlegalDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/27/2000
David F. SelvinDoctor of LawsSan Francisco5/27/2000
Charlotte Mailliard  Shultz Doctor of Fine Arts San Francisco 5/27/2016
Mimi Halper SilbertDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/29/1993
David WaldenDoctor of ScienceSan Francisco5/24/2014
Cecil WilliamsDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/27/1995
Rosalyn S. YalowDoctor of ScienceSan Francisco5/27/1989
Peter YarrowDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Francisco5/24/2003
Neil YoungDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/27/2006
Pegi YoungDoctor of Humane LettersSan Francisco5/27/2006

San José

Top ^
Alfred E. AlquistDoctor of LawsSan José5/24/1997
James F. BoccardoDoctor of LawsSan José5/24/2003
Roy T. BrophyDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/23/1987
Robert L. CaretDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/29/2004
John CarlosDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/28/2005
John ChambersDoctor of Humane LettersSan José4/26/2013
John ChenDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/23/2008
William ClarkDoctor of LettersSan José5/23/1992
Irene DalisDoctor of Fine ArtsSan José5/29/1999
Harry  Edwards Doctor of Humane Letters San José 5/28/2016
Charles W. DavidsonDoctor of Humane LettersSan José4/25/2014
Robert FosterDoctor of Humane LettersSan José4/24/2015
R. Buckminster FullerDoctor of Humane LettersSan José6/10/1966
John W. GardnerDoctor of LawsSan José6/13/1969
William "Bill" HauckDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/24/2014
Anthony L. JacksonDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/28/2011
Don KassingDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/24/2008
Robert E. LadouceurDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/23/2015
Steven M. LopezDoctor of Humane LettersSan José4/29/2011
Donald LucasDoctor of Humane LettersSan José4/20/2012
Sally LucasDoctor of Humane LettersSan José4/20/2012
Connie L. LurieDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/25/2013
Nancy McFaddenDoctor of LawsSan José5/24/2014
Norman MinetaDoctor of LawsSan José5/25/2002
Jenny J. MingDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/26/2012
Joseph P. ParisiDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/25/2013
Nicki ParisiDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/25/2013
Roy M. PérezDoctor of Humane LettersSan José4/4/2012
Alan SimpkinsDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/26/1996
Phyllis Forward SimpkinsDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/26/1996
Tommie Smith Doctor of Humane LettersSan José5/28/2005
Richard SmothersDcotor of Fine ArtsSan José5/27/2000
Thomas SmothersDoctor of Fine ArtsSan José5/27/2000
Amy TanDoctor of LettersSan José5/25/2002
Yoshihiro UchidaDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/29/2004
Peter V. UeberrothDoctor of Humane LettersSan José5/24/1986
Luis ValdezDoctor of Fine ArtsSan José5/28/1988

San Luis Obispo

Top ^
Robin BaggettDoctor of LawsSan Luis Obispo6/15/2014
David BaltimoreDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo9/28/2001
Donald E. BentlyDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/16/2007
Gary L. BloomDoctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/12/2010
Paul R. Jr. BondersonDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/16/2007
James W. BoswellDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/16/2013
Frieda Rapoport CaplanDoctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/14/2014
Rita ColwellDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo9/28/2001
R. J. Considine Jr.Doctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/12/1999
Joseph W. CotchettDoctor of LawsSan Luis Obispo6/15/2002
Bert E. ForbesDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/10/2012
Candace M. ForbesDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/10/2012
Robert L. GibsonDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/12/2004
Stephen Jay GouldDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo4/5/2002
Donald M. HartMaster of Public ServiceSan Luis Obispo6/7/1969
Charles L.  Harrington Doctor of Humane Letters San Luis Obispo 6/11/2016
Jean LaneDoctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/15/2008
L. William Bill Lane Jr.Doctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/15/2008
Phyllis MadonnaDoctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/13/2015
Walter E. MasseyDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo4/5/2002
Inonge Mbikusita-LewanikaDoctor of LawsSan Luis Obispo6/14/2009
Paul V. McEnroe Doctor of Science San Luis Obispo 6/11/2016
Tina Hansen  McEnroe Doctor of Humane Letters San Luis Obispo 6/11/2016
Bruce A. McPhersonDoctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/11/2005
Peter OppenheimerDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/9/2012
Paul J. OrfaleaDoctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/16/2007
Alfred QöyawaymaDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/15/2013
Cotton RosserDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/16/2013
Robin L. RossiDoctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/13/2009
Burt RutanDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo 6/13/1987
John Brooks SlaughterDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/15/2002
Osborne Earl SmithDoctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/14/2003
George SoaresDoctor of LawsSan Luis Obispo6/14/2008
Alex G. SpanosDoctor of Humane LettersSan Luis Obispo6/12/2004
William H. SwansonDoctor of ScienceSan Luis Obispo6/11/2005
Ann M. VenemanDoctor of LawsSan Luis Obispo6/16/2001
José A.  Zaglul Doctor of Science San Luis Obispo 6/11/2016

San Marcos

Top ^
Joseph E. BearDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos5/15/2015
Carol A. CoxDoctor of LawsSan Marcos5/15/2010
Gregory Clark  Evans Doctor of Fine Arts San Marcos 5/21/2016
Richard E. HunterDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos5/17/2003
James HusbandDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos5/15/2004
Janet R. KelloggDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos5/29/1999
Albert KernDoctor of ScienceSan Marcos5/17/2008
Bob L. MangrumDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos5/27/2000
Charles McPhersonDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Marcos5/16/2015
Alejandro OrfilaDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos9/23/2014
J. Douglas PardeeDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos5/21/2011
Jack RaymondDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos5/17/2008
Terrence J. RobertsDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos4/22/2014
Henry RodriguezDoctor of Humane LettersSan Marcos6/3/2001
John SantuccioDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Marcos5/15/2004
Ravi ShankarDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Marcos8/22/2001
Jose YenqueDoctor of Fine ArtsSan Marcos5/21/2011


Top ^
Gene M. BenedettiDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/20/1995
Corrick BrownDoctor of Fine ArtsSonoma5/22/1999
Raymond BurrDoctor of Fine ArtsSonoma5/28/1993
Belva DavisDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/22/2004
Herbert McGilvray DwightDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/26/2001
Mervin FieldDoctor of LawsSonoma5/18/1996
Claude GanzDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/23/2009
Bernard GoldsteinDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/31/2003
Donald GreenDoctor of Fine ArtsSonoma5/23/1998
Maureen GreenDoctor of Fine ArtsSonoma5/23/1998
Gary HeckDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/10/2014
Robert A. JohnsonDoctor of ScienceSonoma5/28/2011
Jeffrey KahaneDoctor of Fine ArtsSonoma5/28/2005
Daniel J. LanahanDoctor of LawsSonoma5/26/2007
Gaye LeBaronDoctor of LettersSonoma5/20/1995
Andrew McGuireDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/18/1996
Evert B. PersonDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/28/1993
Joseph A. RattiganDoctor of LawsSonoma5/27/1994
Helen B. RudeeDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/18/1996
Jean Forsyth SchulzDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/27/1994
Edward R. StolmanDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/31/2003
Henry F. TrioneDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/24/1997
Leslie L. VadaszDoctor of ScienceSonoma5/27/2006
Jennifer A. WebleyDoctor of Fine ArtsSonoma5/29/2010
John W. WebleyDoctor of ScienceSonoma5/29/2010
Joan WeillDoctor of Fine ArtsSonoma5/16/2012
Sanford I. WeillDoctor of Humane LettersSonoma5/16/2012


Top ^
Morton I. AbramowitzDoctor of LawsStanislaus5/29/1993
Jose BernardoDoctor of Humane LettersStanislaus6/5/2010
Carol ChanningDoctor of Fine ArtsStanislaus5/29/2004
Plácido DomingoDoctor of Fine ArtsStanislaus10/25/2010
Greenlaw Grupe, Jr.  Doctor of Humane Letters Stanislaus 5/27/2016
Patrick JohnstonDoctor of Humane LettersStanislaus5/31/2003
Sebastian Paul MuscoDoctor of Humane LettersStanislaus5/12/2007
Harry PappasDoctor of Humane LettersStanislaus5/31/2008
John Stuart RogersDoctor of Humane LettersStanislaus5/28/2005
June RogersDoctor of Humane LettersStanislaus5/28/2005
Gary Alan SiniseDoctor of Fine ArtsStanislaus10/25/2008
Anthony M. VittiDoctor of Humane LettersStanislaus6/3/2006

*Degrees awarded when the campus was named California State University, Hayward.