Systemwide Human Resources

Moving Forward 2012


A lot can happen in 18 months.

We've been working hard to implement our HR strategic vision and goals.

Here's how we've been Moving Forward

Productivity and Engagement

What if campus learning opportunities were available to our employees?

Our vision:

  • Engaged, productive employees with the right skills and behaviors to meet the CSU mission
  • Learning opportunities for our employees
  • An empowering and collaborative environment

Our actions:

  • Understanding our employees’ education, capabilities and aspirations
  • Designing online professional development with an innovative curriculum
  • Developing employee climate surveys to measure campus efforts to improve the workplace for staff and faculty

Health and Well Being

Employees tell us that at some point their work performance has been affected by personal, non-work issues.

Our vision:

  • Healthy employees with a sense of well being in the workplace
  • Support systems to help employees suffering from

Emotional distress
Financial and legal concerns
Family and personal issues

Our actions:

  • Exploring options  for EAP programs (Employee Assistance Programs)
  • Sharing best practices among campus EAP leaders

Clarity and Consistency

Interpret and apply HR’s policies and agreements consistently.  So let's get on the same page.

Our vision:

  • Clear, well-documented HR policies and procedures
  • Consistently applied policies across all campuses
  • Effective communication and training

Our actions:

  • Reviewing current policies, laws and grievances to identify gaps
  • Identifying potential issues early to reduce risk
  • Involving CSU experts for campus training webcasts

Continuous Improvement

…is happening everywhere at CSU. We’re no exception.

Our vision:

  • Regular reviews of HR processes for efficiency, relevance and effectiveness
  • Encourage new ideas
  • Leverage technology to
    streamline processes
    reduce inefficiencies
    improve service and timeliness

Our actions:

  • Establishing consistency for automated reporting
  • Pioneering system wide business practices to increase efficiency
  • Using CSYou, the system-wide intranet where CSU faculty and staff can
    and share best practices with colleagues.

So that's how we've been Moving Forward in the last 18 months.

We invite you to speak up on how we're doing and what we can do better to implement the HR strategic vision.

We're here to support faculty, staff, and, first and foremost, our students.