Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP)

Selection Criteria and Process

Two criteria are used to make selections to the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program:

  1. Potential as a doctoral student and interest in teaching a diverse student population.
  2. Academic discipline: Primary consideration will be given to candidates whose proposed area of study falls where CSU campuses anticipate the greatest difficulty in filling potential future instructional faculty positions. Information from a variety of sources may be considered when evaluating this criterion. One relevant source is the CSU Report on Faculty Recruitment Survey, which presents recent information on the number of tenure-track searches and appointments in various disciplines throughout the CSU system. View Report »

Selection Process

Applications for the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program are first submitted through a CSU campus. Applications are due at the CDIP campus coordinator's office on a date specified by that office (typically in February, but the date varies by campus). A campus committee evaluates the applications and makes recommendations for further consideration to the campus president. The president then forwards campus nominations to the Chancellor's Office. A systemwide committee reviews the campus nominations and makes recommendations to the chancellor for final approval.

Selection Announcements - May

Application Checklist

Return the following documents to the CSU Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program coordinator at the campus of your CSU Faculty Mentor.

  1. Completed application form
  2. A current curriculum vitae, limited to four pages
  3. Statement of qualifications and motivation, limited to three pages
  4. CSU Collaborative Plan of Support, co-constructed by CSU faculty mentor, and applicant
  5. Three professional letters of recommendation, one of which is from your faculty mentor
  6. A recent CSU faculty position announcement in your general field that has recently been posted at a CSU campus

Due Dates

Applications are due at the CDIP campus coordinator's office on a date established by that office. Check with the CDIP coordinator at the campus to which the application will be submitted for their deadlines.

Application Submission

Please submit all documents in one packet in the order indicated on the checklist above. Note that the application must be submitted to the campus where the CSU Faculty Mentor is employed.

Please submit the packet containing all one-sided documents at the same time. Any late or extraneous material cannot be used in the evaluation of applications. Documents must be submitted by the deadline set by the campus to which you submit. Please contact the campus CDIP coordinator directly for deadline information for that campus.