Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP)

Mini-Grant Program

The CDIP is designed to support graduate students who demonstrate promise as potential future CSU faculty. As part of this program, recipients (CDIP Scholars) work with a current CSU faculty member (CSU Mentor) to develop a Collaborative Plan of Support (CPS) during the application process. The CDIP Mini-Grant program offers funds up to $2,500 for Scholars and up to $1,200 for Faculty Mentors to assist in the implementation of activities from the CPS. Funds can be used to support a variety of activities including, but not limited to, travels for research or professional activities, purchase of books, equipment and software, subscription for professional membership or professional journals. Details of the program will be provided to eligible Scholars (see below) with the Mini-Grant Program application by the Chancellor’s Office.  

Mini-grant proposals must be a collaborative effort of the CDIP Scholar and the CSU Faculty Mentor. Awards from the Mini-Grant program are to be used to implement activities outlined in the Collaborative Plan of Support submitted as part of the original CDIP application. If the proposal describes activities that represent changes or enhancements to the original Collaborative Plan of Support, such changes must be fully explained and justified in the proposal. Mini-Grant recipients will be required to provide a Final Report outlining activities completed.

Application to the Mini-Grant Program is by invitation only. CDIP Scholars making satisfactory academic progress and in good program standing are invited to apply after their first year in CDIP. Scholars who have received a mini-grant in a prior year must have submitted a final report by the proposed deadline in order to be eligible for this year’s funding. Invited Scholars can submit a maximum of 3 mini-grant proposals over a period of 4 consecutive years.