CSU Employee Profiles

Technical Notes and Glossary

Employee Profile Survey

This reference booklet contains fall 2010 snapshot information on employees at all 23 campuses and the Chancellorís Office. All tables and charts in the Employee Profile exclude student employees, other intermittent or casual employees, and faculty teaching in extension, special sessions and summer sessions. Employees are included regardless of the source of funds used to pay their salaries.

Data presented in this report were developed using the CSUís Faculty and Staff Data Warehouse. Additional data were obtained from the annual CSU Faculty Recruitment Survey and Campus Information Retrieval System (CIRS).

Questions about the data in the Employee Profile should be directed to: HRdata@calstate.edu

Clerical and Secretarial*
Includes departmental secretaries; payroll, receiving and account clerks; etc.

Executive, Administrative, & Managerial*(**)
Includes campus executives, deans, personnel officers, directors of physical plant, and other managers and supervisors. All employees within the Executive, Administrative, & Managerial group are part of the Management Personnel Plan.

All regular instructional faculty, including department chairs and lecturers. Excludes librarians, coaches, and counselors (counted among "Other Professional"). Also excludes extension or summer session faculty.

FERP Faculty
Refers to faculty employees who participate in the Faculty Early Retirement Program.

FTE Positions
Refers to the total "full-time equivalent positions" filled by all fulltime and part-time employees.

Individuals employed "100% time"; includes full-time employees on leave with pay.

Includes all instructional faculty with temporary appointments only (non-tenure track).

Includes individuals who reported an ethnic/racial background other than "White." Individuals who did not report an ethnic/racial background are counted in an "Race/Ethnicity/Gender Unknown" category.

Other Professional*
Includes persons whose jobs require a college education or comparable experience; excludes faculty and individuals meeting the IPEDS definition of Executive, Administrative, & Managerial employees.

Includes employees whose assignments at a given campus are less than "100% time." Individuals employed simultaneously at two campuses are counted as two employees.

Probationary Faculty
Tenure-track faculty employees who have not been awarded tenure. Includes individuals serving a "terminal" year.

Race/Ethnicity/Gender Unknown
Includes all individuals who did not self-report a racial/ethnic background and/or gender.

Service & Maintenance*
Includes custodians, gardeners, laborers, campus guards, etc.

Skilled Crafts*
Includes electricians, mechanics, carpenters, etc.

Staff Employees
Refers to all employees who are not "faculty" as defined above.

Includes persons in the following employee categories: Clerical & Secretarial, Technical & Paraprofessional, Skilled Crafts, and Service/Maintenance.

Technical & Paraprofessional*
Includes persons whose jobs require skills acquired in a junior college or equivalent on-the-job training, such as computer operators, instructional support, and equipment technicians.

Temporary Faculty
Faculty appointed for a discrete time period, usually one term or one academic year.

Data shown throughout this report exclude student employees, intermittent employees, and extension and summer session faculty.

* Denotes one of seven Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) occupational groups used for reporting employee data to the federal government (see http://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/glossary/index.asp?id=505).

** Employees in the CSUís Management Personnel Plan (MPP) are assigned to IPEDS occupational groups based on their job responsibilities. Besides the Executive, Administrative, & Managerial group, MPP employees are distributed across several other occupational groups (predominantly Other Professional).