Human Resources Administration

Service Salary Increase Program

General Information for All Faculty
  • A Service Salary Increase is upward movement on the salary schedule, awarded to faculty members who have been determined to be eligible based on qualifying service, satisfactory performance, and additional criteria described below.
  • A maximum salary rate (SSI maximum) has been established in each salary range. Except in cases where the faculty member has received one or more Faculty Merit Increase (FMI) awards, an SSI award may not increase the faculty member’s salary beyond the SSI maximum rate.  An employee in this category who is granted an SSI will receive an SSI, up to the SSI maximum or until the SSI Counter reaches zero, whichever occurs first).
  • Receipt of an FMI does not reduce a faculty member’s SSI eligibility. Pursuant to Article 31, to determine whether a faculty member has received the maximum allowable number of SSIs, deduct the amount of any FMIs received regardless of rank or classification in which FMIs were awarded.
  • Within a range, employees are limited to a maximum of four (4) steps on the salary schedule in effect prior to the 1995-1998 Collective Bargaining Agreement, or eight (8) SSIs under the salary schedule in effect since then, or a combination of the two that does not exceed eight (8) SSIs on the salary schedule.
  • If an SSI is processed retroactively, all salary increases already posted after that effective date, including promotions, must be recalculated on the employee’s higher salary.
  • Campuses are responsible for processing SSI or SSI denials, as appropriate, upon completion of the SSI review process. If an SSI eligible employee is denied the SSI, only the SSI denial transaction should be posted.
  • If a denied SSI is successfully appealed and the employee is later granted the SSI, the campus must void the denial and post the SSI as appropriate.
  • For most recent coded memo information, refer to Technical Letters: HR/Salary 2007-25, HR/Salary 2007-19 and HR/Salary 2007-19 Supplement #1.

General Information for Probationary/Permanent Faculty:

  • Campuses are responsible for determining an employee’s SSI eligibility in accordance with the MOU and for accurately maintaining Anniversary Date (PIMS Item 330) and SSI Counter/Final Anniversary Date (PIMS Item 958).
  • When a faculty member is appointed or promoted and the initial salary rate is less than the SSI maximum rate (after any FMIs have been deducted), the number of SSIs the employee is eligible to receive is based on the number of 2.5% salary increase increments it would take from the appointing salary and the SSI maximum, not to exceed eight (8). This number is entered in the SSI Counter field on the PIMS database and the Final Salary Anniversary Date is set accordingly. The SSI Counter is decreased by one (1) for every SSI awarded, regardless to the amount/percentage of the SSI.

General Information for Temporary Faculty:

  • Pursuant to Article 12, temporary employees who have completed 24 units on a semester campus, or the equivalent on a quarter campus, in the same department or equivalent unit, shall receive a salary increase equivalent to the percentage of the negotiated SSI provided that Article 31 requirements are satisfied.
  • Such salary increases are to be posted as an SSI via MSA transaction.  The SSI should be posted with the next temporary appointment following completion of qualifying units.
  • For temporary faculty, Anniversary Date Item 330 may be entered with a date provided it is within the current appointment expiration date, or “NONE” as appropriate and Final Salary Anniversary Date and SSI Counter Item 958 = “NONE-0.” Anniversary Date Item 330 is “99/99” for temporary faculty employees with no remaining SSI eligibility in their current range and Final Salary Anniversary Date and SSI Counter Item 958 = “9999-0.”