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Sick Leave


  • Full-time employees accrue eight hours of sick leave per month.
  • Part-time employees earn sick leave on a pro rata basis.
  • Employees must receive 11 days of pay in a pay period to accrue sick leave credits for that month.
  • Sick leave credits may not be used prior to their accrual, which occurs on the first day of the following pay period.
  • There is no maximum accrual for sick leave.
  • Unused sick leave may be converted into service credit at retirement in accordance with CalPERS guidelines.


  • Employee is responsible for reporting absences to the appropriate administrator as soon as possible in compliance with department policies.
  • An employee may be required to provide a physician's statement or other appropriate verification when absent five (5) or more consecutive days due to illness/injury.
  • Use of sick leave may be authorized by the supervisor for the following absences:
    • Employee's own illness, injury or disability related to pregnancy.
    • Employee's own dental, eye or other physical or medical examination/treatments by a licensed practitioner.
    • Illness or injury in the immediate family (the employee's, spouse's, domestic partner's: father, mother, sister, brother, grandparent, great-grandparent, child (including foster, adopted and step children), grandchild, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and a relative who is living in the immediate household of the employee):
      • Primarily for emergency situations.
      • CSUEU represented employees are limited to ten days per calendar year, which may be extended an additional five days if approved by the supervisor.
      • SETC represented employees are limited to seven days per calendar year. Additional usage may be approved by the supervisor.
    • Bereavement in the case of death of a person in the immediate family (when bereavement leave is exhausted).
      • CSUEU represented employees may request in writing, subject to supervisory approval, to extend their bereavement leave by using accrued sick leave.
      • SETC employees, upon reasonable advance request to their supervisor, may be granted up to forty (40) hours of accrued sick leave for each death.
    • Non-represented employees may use up to five days of sick leave to extend their bereavement leave for each death of a person related by blood, adoption, or marriage, or any person residing in the employee’s household.

Extension of Sick Leave

The supervisor may authorize unpaid sick leave, and/or the use of vacation, personal holiday or CTO for an employee who has exhausted accumulated sick leave.

More Information

Note: Where there is a conflict with the collective bargaining agreement and the above summary, the collective bargaining agreement prevails.

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Last Updated: February 3, 2014