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Fee Waiver

Fee waiver (or tuition assistance) entitles eligible Chancellor's Office employees (and in some cases their spouse, domestic partner or dependent child) to enroll in courses at any CSU campus and have fees waived or reduced. Fee waiver applies to CSU general fund courses only. Courses in self-support programs may not be taken through fee waiver.

Here is a description of the fee waiver program:


  • Eligible Chancellor's Office employees can enroll in up to two courses or six units (whichever is greater) per term at any CSU campus.
  • Certain fees will be fully waived (e.g., application fee, ID card fee, instructionally related activity fee, health services fee, state university fee). Note: Only one set of fees is waived at the campus which the employee enrolls. This includes only one waiver/reimbursement of one Application Fee regardless of the number of applications.
  • Other fees will be reduced to $1 (e.g., student body association fee, student body center fee and health facilities fee).
  • Other Campus based fees may not be covered.

All employees are covered by Executive Order 712 (.pdf). Represented employees are covered by applicable collective bargaining agreement provisions. When Executive Order 712 is in conflict with a collective bargaining agreement, the latter shall govern.

Fee-waiver provisions may be found in the following collective bargaining agreements:

  • Unit 7 (Clerical/Administrative Support - CSEA) and Unit 9 (Technical Support - CSEA) - Article 22
  • Unit 6 (Skilled Crafts - SETC) - Article 27

Courses taken by CO employees must be approved by the employee's supervisor and HR Services as job-related (directly related to the requirements of the employee's current position), or as part of an individual career development plan approved by the supervisor and HR Services.

More Information on Career Development Plans
CSEA | SETC | MPP (.pdf) - See Executive Order 712, Attachment A, No. 7 and CCR Title 5, Section 41804 (b) and (c).

Executive, MPP, Confidential, and CSUEU or SETC represented employees eligible for the CSU fee waiver program may transfer their existing fee-waiver benefit of two courses or six units, whichever is greater, per term, to a spouse, domestic partner or dependent child.

The following general conditions apply for Dependent Fee Waiver:

  • Dependent child is defined as child or stepchild under age 25 who has never been married.
  • The dependent must be enrolled in a degree or teaching credential program in the CSU, and fee-waiver course(s) must be taken for credit toward completion of that degree or teaching credential.
  • Fee-waiver eligibility may be transferred to only one dependent at a time, regardless of whether that individual uses the full entitlement of two courses or six units.
  • Eligible dependents may enroll using fee waiver at any CSU campus. The campus administration determines if space is available in the selected courses.
  • The dependent must maintain normal academic standards to continue participating in the fee-waiver program.

Time Off to Attend Classes
Employees of the Chancellor's Office taking approved fee-waiver classes may be granted time off by their supervisor during working hours equal to the actual class time for one course per semester/quarter, provided the time off does not interfere with departmental needs.

More Information on Time Off

  • Unit 7 (Clerical/Administrative Support - CSEA) and Unit 9 (Technical Support - CSEA): Provision 22
  • Unit 6 (Skilled Crafts - SETC): Provision 27

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