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Employees earn vacation time depending on their position and length of service. Here is information on vacation time accrual and how to request vacation.

Monthly Vacation Accrual

Employee Classification Length of Service Hours Per Month
Executive, MPP and Confidential n/a 16
Units 6 (SETC), 7 and 9 (CSEA) 1 month - 3 years 6 2/3
  37 months - 6 years 10
  73 months - 10 years 11 1/3
  121 months - 15 years 12 2/3
  181 months - 20 years 14
  241 months - 25 years 15 1/3
  301 months+ 16
Part-time employees Pro rata basis  

Maximum Accrual

Employee Classification Less than
10 yrs.
More than
10 yrs.
MPP X   384
MPP   X 440
Units 6 (SETC), 7 and 9 (CSEA) X   272
Units 6 (SETC), 7 and 9 (CSEA)   X 384
Confidential     384
Executive     480
  • Employees must receive 11 days of pay in the pay period to accrue vacation credits for that month. Vacation credits may not be used prior to their accrual, which occurs on the first day of the following pay period.
  • Vacation requests must be submitted in advance to an employee's supervisor for approval. Based upon the operational needs of the department, vacations shall be scheduled and taken only as authorized by the appropriate administrator.
  • Employees can view their vacation and sick leave balances using PeopleSoft self-service. The reference guide provides navigation instructions.
  • Upon separation from the Chancellor's Office, employees are entitled to a lump sum payment of unused vacation time.

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