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Paycheck Calculator Instructions

Some helpful hints on how to use the State Controller's Office Paycheck Calculator (.xls):

  1. If you are an existing employee. have your most recent CSU pay warrant (paycheck) available.
  2. Please scroll down below the spreadsheet to "General Information" for instructions on how to use the Calculator.
  3. For Collective Bargaining Unit, all CO employees enter "C."
  4. For Retirement Category, all CO employees who are in PERS enter "MIS."
  5. For Retirement Tier, all CO employees who are in PERS enter "1."
  6. Call Philip Buford at (562) 985-4538 if you need assistance, or to find out your federal/state marital status and number of exemptions

Content Contact:
Philip Buford
Payroll Services Supervisor
(562) 985-4538
Jeanene Berumen
Senior Manager of Payroll Services
(562) 985-4165
Technical Contact:
Last Updated: May 09, 2016