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All CO Employees -

Pursuant to state law, we are required to distribute by e-mail to employees of the Chancellor's Office the attached Bureau of State Audits explanation of the California Whistleblower Protection Act, which includes their Whistleblower Hotline, and also information about a separate hotline administered by the State Attorney General.

However, as authorized by the Act, the CSU has promulgated its own whistleblower reporting procedures that can be found at EO-929 (.pdf) and EO-822 (.pdf).

The person who has been designated as the appropriate administrator to receive protected disclosures from employees of the Chancellor's Office, and to answer questions about these policies is: Bruce Gibson, Senior Director, Human Resource Services, 2nd Floor, Chancellor's Office, who can be reached at (562) 951-4070.

Bruce J. Gibson
Senior Director
Human Resource Services
July 6, 2010

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