International Programs

Incoming Exchange

The CSU International Programs has student exchange agreements with over 60 institutions worldwide.

This site is specifically designed for our exchange partners and their students who are interested in attending one of our CSU campuses in California for up to one academic year as exchange students.

Participation in this exchange program depends on various factors including the number of exchange places available at the CSU, which are predominantly at the undergraduate level. If places are available, then the exchange coordinator at the partner institution facilitates the selection process and nominates students for this program. Exchange places at the graduate level are extremely limited and if available, may be very competitive. If exchange places are available at the undergraduate level, graduate students may consider applying for an undergraduate placement if permitted by their institution.

If you are a student pursuing a degree at one of our partner institutions, please contact the exchange coordinator at your home university for details about this program.

If your home university is not on the list of exchange partners, then you are not eligible for this exchange program but you are welcome to apply to the California State University as an international student.