International Programs

Faculty: Opportunities Abroad

What is a Resident Director?

Each year the CSU International Programs recruits faculty to serve as Resident Directors (RDs) in a number of its study abroad programs. These positions represent one of the best chances within the CSU to work and live for a year in the following countries: China, France, Italy and Spain. As a faculty member appointed to be RD, you will have the advantage of:

  1. Close advising and mentoring relationships with CSU students in the study centers;
  2. professional faculty contacts in the host country; and
  3. administrative experience abroad and at home.

Country Information

As an RD you would represent the California State University abroad as the Director of one of the aforementioned overseas sites. To help you better understand the programs we encourage you to follow the link for the country in which you are interested.

China | France | Italy| Spain

U.S. Department of State Resources

Who is Eligible to Apply?
  • Tenured or tenure track faculty in a full-time teaching or administrative position are eligible to apply (FERP faculty are not eligible);
  • Appropriate terminal degree for the candidate's discipline;
  • Appropriate overseas experience;
  • Appropriate foreign language skills.
What are the Criteria for Selecting a Resident Director?
  • The extent of prior overseas experience, particularly in higher education;
  • Time and recency of experience in the host country;
  • Involvement in and active commitment to international education;
  • Demonstration of a genuine interest in and concern for students;
  • Degree of language ability;
  • Personality traits such as initiative, flexibility, resourcefulness, and diplomacy.
  • Experience in expending and accounting for state funds.
What is the Application Process?
  • Applications are available from your campus ACIP representative in September.
  • Completed applications are due December 1 of each year.
  • Application screening takes place in January.
  • On-site interviews of candidates with the Faculty Affairs Committee takes place at the Chancellor's Office in February.
  • RD appointments are announced in April.
  • Download 2016-2017 Application Packet (.pdf)
What is my Compensation as Resident Director?

The CSU campus pays the Resident Director's salary since the faculty member continues to be a campus employee during the year that they are abroad. If the faculty member is currently in a ten-month (academic year) position, they are moved to a twelve month position resulting in an increase of approximately 15% plus 10% for the overseas assignment.

What is the Campus' Compensation?

The Office of International Programs reimburses the CSU campus at a set replacement cost rate (Assistant Professor, class code 2361, minimum salary range plus approximately 25%), plus benefits.