International Programs

Australia: Academic Programs

Applicants are required to have a major in the subject to which they are applying, or a major closely related to it. All programs require the completion of lower division requirements in the major, with some upper division highly recommended, due to the competitive nature of the program. Students should consult the websites of the universities for specific courses while keeping in mind that not all coursework is available to visiting students and that prerequisites apply.

Brisbane, Queensland

University of Queensland (UQ)
The oldest university in Queensland (founded in 1910), the University of Queensland is one of the leading universities in Australia. The city of Brisbane is a cosmopolitan city with a population of more than 1.2 million.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
QUT is one of Australia's largest universities, with more than 30,000 students.

Griffith University
Griffith University is one of Australia's most dynamic universities and enrolls 27,000 students. There is a Gold Cost campus as well as those in the Brisbane area.

Sydney, New South Wales

University of Western Sydney (UWS)
UWS belongs to an international network of "new generation" universities and we make it a priority to stay up to date with changes affecting our world. We aim to "bring knowledge to life" by combining advanced academic knowledge with practical hands on experience. With more than 37,000 students, UWS is one of the largest universities in Australia.

Macquarie University, Sydney
Macquarie University's comprehensive academic and social programs will ensure you get the most out of your study abroad experience. At Macquarie you will be in a city famous for its multi-culturalism.

Melbourne, Victoria

Victoria University (VU)
Victoria University is one of Australia's largest universities, with 50,000 students, offering more than 700 programs suitable for most fields of study. Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and home to 3.2 million people. It is known for its cultural diversity, café culture, live music, and is the sporting capital of Australia.


Agriculture (Including Animal Science) and Horticulture (UWS)
USW offers programs in Agribusiness, Agronomy, Equine Studies, and Rural Development.

Required Preparation: Introduction to Agriculture (or any introductory Agriculture class); one course in chemistry with lab; one course in biology with lab; one course in pre-calculus or intermediate algebra.

Recommended: Introduction to Soil Science; one course in animal science; Introduction to Statistics.

Engineering (Griffith, QUT, VU)
A wide variety of engineering courses are offered at Griffith, QUT and Victoria University. Refer to the IP Bulletin for more information.

Required Preparation: Completion of all lower-division major requirements in the appropriate field of engineering.

Environmental Studies (Griffith, Macquarie)
Programs include Environmental Science, Land and Water Management, Ecology and Conservation, and Pollution Studies.

Required Preparation: One course in environmental studies; one course in biology (life science, biodiversity or ecology); one course in pre-calculus.

Recommended: One course in general chemistry, one course in statistics.

Hospitality and Tourism (Griffith, UWS, VU)
A program in Ecotourism at Griffith combines environmental science and business management. Hospitality and Tourism are offered at Victoria University, UWS specializes in Accommodation, Aged Care, Food Service, and Tourism.

Required Preparation: One introductory hospitality course; one course in financial accounting; one course in business statistics.

Recommended: Courses in sociology, business management, marketing, sanitation practices and managerial accounting.

Kinesiology and Exercise Science (UWS, VU)
Coursework is offered in Human Movement, Recreation Leadership, and Sports Administration, Sport and Exercise Science, and Sport Management.

Required Preparation: One introductory kinesiology course; one course in biology; one course in statistics.

Recommended: At least four units in performance courses (e.g. swimming, cycling, karate, volleyball); one course in human anatomy or human physiology; one course in biomechanics; one course in physics.

Marine Biology (Macquarie, UQ)
Marine Biology coursework is offered under the departments of Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Marine Sciences, and Zoology.

Required Preparation: One year of biology with lab; one year of chemistry with lab; one calculus course; one course in statistics.

Recommended: Additional coursework in marine biology.

Psychology (Macquarie, Griffith, UQ, Victoria)
Macquarie University emphasizes clinical and experimental rather than the humanistic approach. Students must have completed statistics as well as one laboratory science course in biology or chemistry.

Required Preparation: Introductory Psychology; one course in research methods; one course in statistics.

Sociology (Macquarie, UQ)
Sociology courses are available through the Bachelor of Social Science major in sociology at Macquarie and the Sociology degree at the University of Queensland.

Required Preparation: Introduction to Sociology; one course in research methods; one course in statistics.

Studio Art (Griffith)
Coursework is offered in Printmaking and Drawing, Painting, Illustration, Sculpture, Intermedia, Gold- and Silversmithing, and Visual Culture.

Required Preparation: Introduction to Painting; Introduction to Drawing; one course in art history.

Recommended: Life drawing and additional coursework in art history and fine arts (i.e. life drawing, jewelry making, and sculpture).