International Programs

Chile: Academic Programs

Host Institutions
Preparatory Language Program (PLP)

Students participate in a two-week PLP. The PLP includes grammar and conversation designed to improve your language skills and prepare you for the academic year.

Academic Year Courses

You will take a full load of 15 units per semester, consisting of regular offerings at the PUC supplemented by language support courses designed for international students. In addition, you will take an interdisciplinary course in Chilean culture covering history, literature, politics, and social issues. All instruction is in Spanish.

The PUC is a comprehensive university with a full range of academic offerings, ranging from Art to Business to Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geography, Physics, Political Science, Media Studies, Spanish and Viticulture, among many others. The IP program in Chile offers students from almost every academic discipline who have an interest in Latin America to internationalize their CSU degree. Many course descriptions are available on the web. See your IP Campus Coordinator and consult the IP Bulletin for more information.