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IP students take Chinese language and culture classes at Peking University within the College of Chinese Language Teaching, commonly known as the School of Chinese as A Second Language. Chinese language classes are offered at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. All students are required to take conversation, reading and writing courses and are divided according to their skills. In addition, students can take "Listening in Chinese," "Writing Chinese Characters," "Newspaper Readings," and other special subjects in Chinese economics, history, music, politics, and religion.

IP students with near-native fluency in Mandarin Chinese (reading, writing, aural and oral fluency) may take regular courses in selected departments at both universities. Most offerings in Chinese literature, history and philosophy are open to visiting international students, although the range of such courses varies from year to year. Language tutors are available at a reasonable cost.

Course offerings for regular university courses at Peking University can be found here. Offerings and availability vary widely from semester to semester, and many courses do not appear in the department webpage listings. Departments post printouts showing content courses at the beginning of each semester.

Peking University

Peking University is a comprehensive university. The campus, known as "Yan Yuan"-the gardens of Yan, is in the northwestern part of Beijing. The capital of China, Beijing is the second largest city in China in terms of population (17 million), after Shanghai. Most international students attend the School of Chinese as A Second Language situated in the western part of campus amidst the foreign student complex known as the Shao Yuan. This complex includes dormitories, a cafeteria, a post office, a coffee shop, and a restaurant, as well as classrooms and offices.

Since the adoption of the structuring and open door policy in the past two decades, more than 10,000 international students from 100 countries have studied at Peking University. Chinese language instruction is offered at different levels. International students who are proficient in Chinese may enroll in regular classes at Peking University.

The Wang Family Scholarship

The Wang Family Scholarship provides an opportunity for students to prepare for a role in a rapidly changing international and interdependent world. Ten $4,000 scholarships will be awarded to students for study in China. Applications are due December 15. See your IP Campus Coordinator for more information.

Language Requirement

Completion of either two college-level courses in Mandarin Chinese; or one college-level course in Mandarin Chinese and one college-level course with a focus on Chinese civilization, history, society, politics, literature, geography, or philosophy.