International Programs

Italy: Eligibility

  • Enrollment at a CSU campus no later than spring term prior to departure or eligibility to enter from a California community college by fall term of the program start date.
  • Upper-division or graduate standing by the end of spring term prior to departure.
  • Graduate studies recommended only for students able to study in Italian at the University of Florence.
  • A cumulative GPA for all higher education work of 2.75 at the time of the application deadline. Students with a cumulative GPA below the stipulated level will be considered when special circumstances exist.
  • All applicants are advised to apply for a passport immediately. Delaying this may jeopardize your ability to participate in the International Programs.

    • Participants should not make any plans to travel internationally prior to the program start date as cumbersome visa application procedures may make it impossible to travel abroad early.
  • Completion, by the end of spring term prior to departure, of preparatory coursework or special requirements as follows:

    Required: Recommendation from the architecture faculty at CSPU Pomona or CPSU San Luis Obispo.

    Art History:
    Required: A survey of Western Art History and a Survey of European History.

    History and Classics:
    Required: World Civilization; World or European Literature.

    Recommended: One term of language, preferably Latin or ancient Greek, but other acceptable languages include: Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Modern Greek.

    Italian Studies:
    Required: One term of Italian.

    Required: A Survey of World or European Literature and a minimum of one term of college-level Italian, or two courses in European or World Literature.

    Social Sciences:
    Required: A Survey of European History and either Introductory Comparative Government or Introductory International Relations.

    Studio Art:
    Required: One term of Italian; One year of Art History coursework; Drawing; Life Drawing; and Painting.

    Recommended: Foundation coursework in Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Media; additional coursework in Drawing, for all applicants, as well as additional coursework in the applicant’s area of concentration in Art. Completion of some upper division studio art coursework is recommended, as space is limited in studio art.

    All Studio Art students will be required to bring a portfolio with them to Florence to provide samples of their art work. The images will be handed in and evaluated by the Accademia professors at the time of the Entrance Exam. At least 10 to 15 images are needed and you must bring them to Florence printed out either in digital format or photograph format. You should also bring all your works on a CD or flash drive (usb) to Florence or save them on your laptop if you plan to bring a laptop to Florence so that the coordinator, Marsha Steinberg, can see all your art works. Provide the best sample images of your artwork, as well as a variety of different kinds of pieces (paintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed media, etc).