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Photo Essay

Clifford Pham

Find out how Clifford Pham spent his year abroad in Tokyo, Japan.

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Japan: Living Abroad

Waseda University:

A sprawling and bustling metropolis, Tokyo is one of the world's largest cities, with a population of over 12 million. It is a fascinating place to live and to study. CSU students will attend classes alongside local Waseda students in the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS).

CSU student activities at Waseda include group dinners and parties. There is a very active student life and CSU students can join a variety of clubs.

Most IP students live in dormitories. A few participants might be housed with host families. This requires students to assume a social and moral responsibility toward their families and perhaps a more restricted way of life, particulary for women.

University of Tsukuba:

One great benefit about studying in Tsukuba is that the cost of living is more affordable than it is in Tokyo. IP participants attending the University of Tsukuba live in on-campus dormitories. There are many residence halls with private and shared rooms. Every dormitory has a laundry room and a communal kitchen. Also, each campus (excluding Kasuga campus) has a community center that has all of the facilities necessary for day-to-day life such as a dining room, a bathhouse, a convenience store, and a hair salon.

The campus extends 5 kilometers from north to south and 1 kilometer from east to west and is divided into five areas. Each area is linked by a loop road. Students get around by on-campus bus or bicycle.