International Programs

South Africa: Eligibility

  • Enrollment at a CSU campus no later than fall term prior to departure or eligibility to enter from a California community college by spring term of the program start date.
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.00 for all higher education work completed by the application deadline. Students with a cumulative GPA below the stipulated level will be considered when special circumstances exist. These circumstances must be addressed in the student's Statement of Purpose.
  • Upper-division standing by the end of fall term prior to departure.
  • Preparation in one of the "Fields of Study" listed in the "Academic Programs" section of this website (above).
  • Completion of all lower-division requirements in your intended field of study. Completion of some upper-division coursework highly recommended.
  • Graduate students are not eligible.
  • While not required, completion of at least one or more courses with an Africa focus is highly recommended.