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Photo Essay

Jessica LaMantia

Find out how Jessica LaMantia spent her
year abroad in Uppsala, Sweden.
Read practical information about your program and ask current and former participants questions as you prepare to study abroad.

Sweden: Living Abroad

Adjustments to the Host University

Adapting to university life in another country and accepting a different perspective on the academic process is one of the biggest challenges that face students in International Programs. IP students must be prepared to adapt to the structure of Uppsala University. Students may find, for example, that the relationship between faculty and students, the teaching style of faculty and the structure of courses may be different from what you are used to at home. IP students need to recognize and adjust to those differences in order to obtain the most from their studies.

Student Activities

All students at Uppsala University join a student organization called a Nation, of which there are several, one for each province in Sweden. Most of the formal social life in Uppsala is centered on activities in the Nations where students take part in Swedish traditions and festivities. Students may also join special interest groups such as orchestra, choir, and exercise classes, all of which provide an excellent means to socialize with Swedish students.


Students are housed in Uppsala University residence halls, which feature private bedrooms and bathrooms and shared kitchen facilities.